Salesforce Commerce Cloud Testing

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Testing

Make your e-commerce platform work to its full potential, personalize the customer experience, and drive sales up.

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SFCC Testing Components

Salesforce Commerce Cloud testing is a holistic process that includes both customer-side and administrator-side functionality testing as well as device and browser compatibility, localization, and integrations of third-party data.
Storefront’s functional testing ensures that every step of the customer's journey from login to making a purchase is accessible and intuitive and that all of the options operate smoothly. It covers a review of the product catalog and its correspondence to the store’s assortment, the relevance of its prices and images, the process of forming a cart and order, as well as methods of payment and delivery.
Functional testing on the admin’s side includes aspects of the store’s control, such as user accounts and product management, viewing, updating orders, processing refunds, and managing order cancellations. It also tests the administrator's ability to create, run, and monitor advertising campaigns and content management on the platform.
As a result, customers enjoy a user-friendly, fast, and convenient online shopping experience, while businesses gain new loyal customers, a high CTR, and the ability to analyze user behavior for even greater service improvement.
  • Storefront Functional Testing

    Product Catalog

    Checkout Process

    Payment Methods

    Shipping Options

  • Admin Functional Testing

    User Management

    Product Management

    Order Management

    Promotion Management

    Content Management

The SFCC Testing Process

Comprehensive analysis and research

This stage of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Testing includes strategy development, evaluating the possible results, and calculating the amount of personnel needed.

Test documentation development

The manual QA team develops test plans, checklists, and test cases. Then we prioritize all of this documentation and start manual regression tests.

Test implementation

When the first test cases are ready, test automation engineers start their implementation. Further development of new test cases proceeds concurrently with the implementation of the ready-made ones.

Test execution infrastructure and reporting

The infrastructure for running and reporting the implemented tests is set up as soon as the first test case is formed. The team expands the documentation and automates test cases simultaneously.

Ongoing support

We continuously keep the test cases and documentation up-to-date throughout the entire duration of the project.

Coverage of newly implemented features

When core features are covered by tests, we repeat previous steps to constantly test new features and product changes according to the development of the product and its functionality. This ongoing process allows us to keep the quality high and avoid bugs in the final release.

Why Should You Test Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Cost Savings Without a Loss in Quality

Save time and money with timely testing of the Salesforce system. Testing allows you to detect and smooth out the rough edges early, allowing for an end result with superior product quality. We can also quickly test certain features of your platform, give a quick response, fix bugs, and keep your e-commerce platform running.

Keeps Security at a High-Level

Sales, partnership program automation, analytics, marketing processes, advertisement process as well as communication with clients — Salesforce combines all of these features while also providing a strong level of protection to prevent leakage of both your and your customer’s confidential data.

Smoother Integration

Salesforce is a multifunctional system that allows for customization by its users according to their specific needs. It helps ensure that all of these integrated components work together smoothly and without any vulnerabilities.

Minimize Business Risks

SFCC testing is an important part of managing the development budget, workflow, and deadlines. Testing also helps  guarantee not having to redo or change something in the software in the future by ensuring that the platform is well-grounded beforehand.

Advanced technology stack

Solvd is your Partner in SFCC Testing

Our goal is to find the perfect testing solution for you to achieve your desired results. Solvd's approach is empowered by solutions and frameworks built specifically for SFCC Automated Testing by utilizing a component-based approach. The perspective of this approach is that we consider the website not as objects of one particular page but as a system of components on which the pages are built upon. Thus, by not being limited to a specific page allows us to simultaneously support lots of website locales and their components. The result is that it speeds up and simplifies the delivery process dramatically..
During load testing of SFCC, Solvd’s team uses its know-how that's been proven effective with our customers repeatedly. Using Gatling as a tool and with custom test scenarios, we identify potential issues that may emerge during peak user traffic and we ensure that the app can handle the expected load.
We don't rely on testing just a single aspect or function of your site, we study and test all pages, metrics, and scenarios. To provide superior quality and a positive user experience, we use the Lighthouse reporting tool and conduct a comprehensive audit of the entire webpage by categories such as salesforce commerce cloud performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and progressive web applications.
By providing various cross-platform tests on the web and mobile, as well as native mobile applications, we ensure that your e-commerce business functions and grows smoothly everywhere.

Get inspired by success stories made by Solvd

Reviews by Our Happy Clients

QA image
  • Ilay Avni, Everysight

    Ilay Avni

    Ex-Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Everysight
    Prioritizing QA to iron out bugs, their consistent ability to creatively solve complex problems strengthened the deliverables and the overall relationship. Their dedication made a strong impact. Having their solutions for automation means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and getting up to speed quickly in that way was a huge bonus for us.
  • David Brickhill, Famous Industries

    David Brickhill

    Ex-VP Engineering, Famous Industries
    When you scale up quickly and get a lot of people all at once, not everyone is going to be a fit. Solvd Inc has been outstanding at swapping out team members if they don’t meet our needs. I’ve worked with many external engineering and QA providers for several decades, and inconsistent skill level is typical. Solvd Inc offers a high level of consistency, which means they must have a thorough vetting process.
  • Michael Lee, Ex-CEO MyFitnessPal

    Michael Lee

    Ex-CEO, MyFitnessPal
    The speed of development accelerated, thanks to the automation Solvd Inc put in place. The release schedule exceeded expectations, and the relationship was bolstered by Solvd Inc’s flexibility, responsiveness, and strong skillset. Together, we did manual testing, and they added a lot of automation over time. That work dramatically changed our development process and gave us the ability to test faster.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based platform for the e-commerce industry that includes all the features you need for both B2B and B2C commerce businesses to successfully manage their online stores, launch and run advertising campaigns, communicate with customers, and for delivering a personalized experience.

Salesforce commerce cloud testing performs the same functions and serves the same purposes as testing for other types of software; verification of how well the product functions as planned and how well it meets its business objectives. Testing also takes into account the technical features of all the platform user types and the potential problems that might occur during operation. As a result, all of the detected bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed, and your SFCC store will run smoothly.

This is the process of verifying the e-commerce platform in terms of design, usability, and interactiveness, as well as checking the functionality of all the presented functions and features. Testing should be done from the perspective of a real user and his potential scenarios on the website.

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