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DevOps Services
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Double the power
Reduce outages
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Development and operation are like two shores that exist and grow separately. By turning to Solvd’s DevOps services you can pool these resources together around one goal, as we build that bridge between development and operation by exchanging experiences and offering collaboration.

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Solvd is here to take over from start to finish, including DevOps service, we develop your idea into a competitive product that’ll rock the ratings.


Dedicated Team

Save time and resources by not having to hire a full-fledged team of professionals for every stage of project development from design to testing and DevOps by trusting and partnering with Solvd’s team of dedicated professionals.


Managed Services

With our DevOps managed services, you get a highly-qualified team under your full control that quickly digs into the specifics of your process and also identifies and resolves your project’s issues.


Staff Augmentation

If you lack specialists in a particular area or narrow focus, you can count on DevOps service providers to obtain the resources you need so that you can achieve your desired results.



DevOps consulting services are an indispensable asset that helps you optimize your software development, keep your budget in line, and speed up deliveries that are in the pipeline.

Their account manager was very supportive. We will check our plans and needs and see how Solvd can help us in the future.
Afnan Sherbeeni
Co-founder, Product & Growth Director at Sabbar
Afnan Sherbeeni

The core principles
of DevOps

You can't miss them
DevOps service company
Rock solid security

We integrate the DevSecOps approach into the overall software pipeline in order to share the responsibilities of security from end to end.

As a result, there's no need to worry about the security level of the final product because it already has all of the necessary protection features, which we implemented at each and every stage of development.

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Close collaboration

The DevOps mindset activates a two-way feedback mechanism that reduces the risk of misunderstandings and the loss of important information between teams.

This way of thinking and working also fosters a harmonious and coordinated workflow as well as faster time-to-resolutions.

DevOps consulting services
Continuous measurement

We continuously measure key DevOps metrics like mean time to recovery (MTTR), deployment time and frequency, defect escape rate, and costs.

This helps us to identify and fix weaknesses quickly, roll out updates in a timely manner, and make data-driven and customer-centric decisions while making the most out of your budget.

They are the most well-rounded service provider I’ve ever found.
Marina Ryzhikova
Senior Director of Engineering, NerdWallet
Marina Ryzhikova
We really depended on them, and they were great to work with.
Michael Lee
CEO, MyFitnessPal
Michael Lee

DevOps process

Get the most at each stage
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Exploring and planning
Coding and building
Continuous testing
Continuous Integration

What improves when you take advantage of Solvd's DevOps services and solutions?


Quick access to our knowledgeable, well-experienced, and highly-trained professionals that cover a wide range of niche skills and businesses

We not only deliver services but we can also handle the management of the process for you, allowing you to stay focused on your core business objectives

We offer a wide range of flexible interaction options: outsourcing, dedicated teams, staff augmentation, managed services, and consulting. It's all up to you!

Our DevOps team is ready to get into your processes dynamically and start working hard for you now

Easy scalability. If you need more specialists, we can expand or contract the volume of human resources we provide to you quickly

Your internal team might only have limited skills and you might have to spend a lot of time and money to get and keep them up-to-date

You have to take on additional control and management burdens, which can distract you from your core business objectives

It takes extra time and financial resources to find and hire the right, (hard to find) employees, as well as their ongoing upkeep (workplace arrangements, vacations, etc.)

A new employee needs onboarding time to get up to speed

The costly process of team expansion and possibly contraction down the road


Solvd's DevOps services at a glance

Numbers don't lie
of our clients claim that the integration of DevOps increased their business 
said they achieved higher product quality
told us that their risk was reduced
achieved a faster deployment process

The advanced technology stack we employ

Docker, Helm, Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS, Puppet, Ansible, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Datadog, New Relic, Zabbix, Prometheus, Circleci, Jenkins, Google Cloud Build, GitHub
Be on the top everywhere!

Solvd covers a wide range of industries


Scale your business easily, boost efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction with instant error fixing. We’ll support your software at a low cost while maintaining an ongoing collection of feedback.


Develop, test, launch, and upgrade your financial application faster and with fewer errors by taking advantage of Solvd’s first-class software engineers. We also keep a keen eye on security.

Software & Hi-Tech

Accelerate software delivery and development time, level up the communication between all involved teams and be sure that your product runs smoothly.


Forget about limits and bottlenecks when you partner with Solvd as your DevOps services company. We use the power of automation tools to achieve high productivity and revenue.


Keep up with the latest trends and implement new features without negatively affecting the functionality of your product by taking advantage of our robust DevOps managed services.

Healthcare & Wellness

Enhance your patient-care efforts by having the ability to handle all kinds of essential data, such as medical equipment reports, lab results, pharmacy prescriptions, and wearables.

Social Media

Let your social networking app work well and fly on all devices! Give users the ability to connect with the whole world with their one easy-to-use app.
If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.
The team was attentive, focused, and driven to deliver high-quality products according to timelines.
User avatar
Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Everysight
Ilay Avni

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