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Product Development

With a rapid development approach, you automatically change your focus from waiting for the final product version to speed, demos, and real user feedback. Create technology that innovates and solves specific and relevant problems in the best way possible, and provide your customers with a product that can be used and is effective right now.

Mobile development services

Reach a broader targeted audience and increase the conversion rate with an easy-to-use and top-notch multifunctional mobile application.

Web development service

Web applications, PWA, CMS, and other customized products — we know how to implement them in the best possible way and based on your goals.

UX/UI service by Solvd
Digital Experience and Design

Enrich your software product with visually stunning components and intuitive navigation, ensuring an exceptional experience for users and high performance for your business.

UX & Design

Digital Platforms

Quality engineering service

Ensure that your product satisfies not just consumer demand but also today's high-quality standards with Solvd's holistic testing approach.

Cloud & DevOps services

Leveraging the power of Cloud & DevOps services enables enterprises to optimize operations, scale, and improve efficiency, ultimately driving their competitiveness and success in today's digital age.

Data & Machine Learning Services
Data and AI/ML

Solvd's expertise in data science, machine learning engineering, and database management enables businesses to use their data for agile decision-making and growth effectively.

GRC as a service

Risk assessment and management, compliance consulting, security consulting, testing services, cyber security services, policy and procedure development, and audit and assurance services help our clients avoid non-compliance fines, prevent breaches, and preserve their reputation.

We were most impressed with Solvd. Inc.'s holistic view of delivering a set of solutions.
Joyce Tam
Director of Connected Services, TuSimple
Joyce Tam
They were intuitively always on the right track
The team effectively delivered a solution that satisfied both the client and the company that owns the new software.
Francesca Banducci
COO, Sway Group, LLC.
Francesca Banducci

Rapid App Development

Rapid app development approach
Q&A Sessions Requirements Gathering
Developmental Tasks Software Models Regular Demos
Wireframing UX/UI Prototyping
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Q&A Sessions Requirements Gathering
Developmental Tasks Software Models Regular Demos
Wireframing UX/UI Prototyping

Which product development model best suits you?

We know and care about your concerns


Take the weight of internal development tasks off your shoulder by putting your trust in a reliable partner and get a tailor-made software solution.


At every stage of product development, we can help you draw up a flawless strategy that aligns within your individual needs and goals. We also provide recommendations for improvements to your existing processes.

Staff Augmentation

Increase capacity and performance to fill both skill and domain gaps without having to bother with recruitment, payroll services, and other formalities.

Managed Services

Under this engagement model, we provide both technical experts and project managers. In this way, we fully take care of the tasks, while meeting KPIs and conducting regular reports.
Be on the top everywhere!

Solvd covers a wide range of industries

Retail & E-commerce

Integrate features such as diverse search filters, virtual try-on, parcel tracking, and personalized recommendations to your retail platform to make your sales fly off the chart.

Financial Services

Digitalize financial workflow with reduced hardcopy documentation and provide your customers with a more seamless experience and risk mitigation.

Software & Hi-Tech

Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and cutting-edge development solutions to reinforce your business performance and revenue.

Autonomous Driving & Logistics

The use of mapping, localization, real-time control and monitoring, and many other essential data will make your solution for autonomous vehicles even more effective and user-friendly.

Media & Entertainment

Deliver unique and relevant content to all of the various devices out there fast by relying on best-in-class, scalable custom software development services.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

With digital product development services, your client's path to healthy habits will become smooth and amazing through an engaging and seamless user experience.

Social Media

SMM, advertisement, and even retail through social media platforms can be more convenient, feature-rich, and less time-consuming with one-of-a-kind solutions made with our product development services.
If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.

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