Software QA & Test Automation Consulting

Software QA & Test Automation Consulting

Setting up efficient teams and processes within your organization and enable high-quality code delivery.

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We’ll delve into existing processes to fix weaknesses and ensure compliance with your niche requirements.

Our independent consultants don’t take over tasks or service provision, instead they’ll help build a bridge between your managers and technical teams.

Our QA consulting roadmap

Our professionals fully onboard themselves onto your project and processes. They scrutinize every aspect and provide you with reports that involve step-by-step instructions and expected results.

Our consulting team renovate QA and test automation processes at every level.
The works we carry out per level:
2 Meetings
  • Define requirements
  • Formulate goals
  • Discuss desired outcomes
  • Determine budget
  • Сlarify expectations of tech teams
1 Meeting
Front-end & Back-end
  • Onboard to the current development process
  • Define development goals
1 Meeting
  • Onboard to the current release process
  • Define DevOps objectives
1 Meeting
Manual QA
  • Onboard to the existing manual QA process
  • Set QA goals
2 Meetings
Test Automation
  • Review the current TA workflow
  • Onboard to the existing code and infrastructure
1 Meeting
  • Offer initial improvements
  • Make further suggestions
1 Meeting
Final demo
  • Deliver your guide
  • Bring in detailed descriptions/screenshots
  • Outline a tool kit
  • Suggest code architecture
  • Decide on team education
1 Meeting
  • Receive and consider your comments

We wish to be on the same page with you and document and share the results of each meeting.

You can fully track the progress made during a previous phase and

give your approval before moving on to the next level.

When you should opt for QA consulting

  • Have little or no processes automation

  • Employee turnover

  • Lack of automation at the release stage

  • No correct processes or framework architecture

  • Reviewing and stabilizing scripts devour a lot of time

  • Senior engineers need to test or improve their skills

  • Lack of business awareness among engineers

  • Automation is extremely

  • Service quality by external vendors need an overseeing expert eye

Our consultants

  • Andrew Nazarenko

    Andrew Nazarenko

    Global Head of Test Automation Department, Chief Consultant

  • Sergey Zagriychuk

    Sergey Zagriychuk

    Chief Consultant

  • Maksim Sarychau

    Maksim Sarychau

    Senior Director of Engineering, Chief Consultant

  • Jose Canavire

    Jose Canavire

    Head of Test Automation Department in Argentina, Senior Consultant

  • Dzmitry Prymudrau

    Dzmitry Prymudrau

    QA Automation Engineer, Senior Consultant

Our offers

See what we offer as per your organization and processes maturity



Up to 20 in-house engineers

No QA and testing department or established practices

You need to set up QA and testing processes from scratch



20-150 in-house engineers

1 application

Multiple platforms (API, web, mobile)

Established QA and testing processes

You need processes audit, improvements, integration, and automation


Contract Price

150+ in-house tech specialists

Multiple applications solutions

Established QA and testing processes

You need processes audit, team assessment, and performance improvements

Why choose Solvd

We help enhance the quality of your processes and address specific business challenges by offering the following:

  • Best practices in the automation area and a test automation framework

  • Test scenarios you may integrate with a manual team

  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure that saves you testing time

  • A highly qualified team armed with the latest toolsets and frameworks


Solvd’s QA consultants will detect issues and fix current bottlenecks so you can enjoy smooth QA processes on your project.

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