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Through skilled hands, gemstones transform into masterpieces. Let us be your trusted jeweller for your product.

It can be quite challenging and more expensive to go on a big trip all by yourself. You can ease the burden by taking a partner along who's been on the same kinds of trips before, has dealt with most of the challenges ahead, and can handle the potential bumps in the road without your constant supervision. A successful partnership is always about credibility, support, and confidence. It's no exception when it comes to outsourcing IT services or for an entire project.

Solvd's ability to listen to their clients, technical savvy, and time-tested processes make them an excellent partner who you can entrust with essential tasks and be sure that they will be carried out in the best possible manner.

IT Outsourcing Services - Ux & Design
UX & Design
IT Outsourcing Services - Cloud, Platform, and Modernization
Cloud, Platform, and Modernization
IT Outsourcing Services - Data & Machine Learning
Data & Machine Learning
IT Outsourcing Services - Privacy & Security
Privacy & Security

IT Outsourcing
allows you to achieve:

Responsiveness. Proficiency. Courage.
  • Access to the needed specialists and technologies.
  • Cost-effectiveness in comparison to hiring and onboarding an in-house team.
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Reduced risks associated with cybersecurity, technology investing, and regulatory compliance.
  • A third-party vendor takes all responsibilities off your shoulders, so you can focus on your business's growth.
  • Flexibility in terms of scalability of the outsourced team up and down.
  • It frees up your internal resources, so you can allocate them to other tasks.
  • Solvd's IT
    Outsourcing Process

    Get the most at each stage
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    Step 1
    Tell us about your project or function you want to outsource; goals, requirements, time constraints, and other details.
    Step 2
    Our team analyzes the information about your project, breaks down all the steps needed to reach your goal, and then forms a task list. We also negotiate and approve the work plan with you.
    Step 3
    After the estimation and sprint planning phases, our team delves into the project's implementation.
    Step 4
    In order to keep you aware of what is going on and what results are achieved, we provide documentation and reports at a frequency that suits your needs.

    Empower your
    business with
    Solvd's IT
    outsourcing services

    Less responsibility, more focus on growth
    When outsourcing a single technical function or an entire turnkey project, all responsibility for the project's course will shift to our shoulders. This includes management, quality control, setting and distributing tasks, monitoring deadlines, and the resources spent. Thus, you and your in-house team now have resources freed up so they can work on internal tasks that are aimed at your company's development.
    Unlike other cooperation models, IT outsourcing services imply autonomy, so you don't need to keep track of the workflow. Also, you will save a decent amount of time and money without having to worry about what kind of specialists you need for a particular project; their recruitment, employment, onboarding, — you name it. IT outsourcing services are a turn-key solution to your business issues.
    Transparency at each and every level
    At Solvd, we understand that the key to trust is transparency between the parties. During the negotiation phase, we'll always discuss the terms of providing you with reports and updates on workflows. You can set a timetable and format that works for you.
    Increased capacity, quality, and CTR
    Leveraging external expertise, years of experience, out-of-the-box approaches, and specialized expertise directly influences the time-to-market, helps eliminate bottlenecks in the delivery cycle, and improves quality. Outsourced IT services encourage companies to reach a wider market with a better user experience and, as a result, maximize CTR.

    IT Outsourcing vs.
    Staff Augmentation

    IT Outsourcing Services

    Outsourcing is often used for long-term projects as the outsourced team becomes an entire part of the company.

    An outsourcing vendor deals with the full cycle of turnkey development.

    You hire an entire team of all types of specialists needed for your project's implementation.

    IT outsourcing covers a wide range of responsibilities including management, estimation, quality control, timing, delivery, and budgeting.

    The outsourced team starts cooperation at the planning and requirements determination stage.

    This model of cooperation implies that the vendor works on their processes separately, but if you have your own well-established and effective processes, then they will adjust accordingly.

    Regular reports and clear documentation gets provided concerning the completed work and efficiency levels.

    Fixed pricing model.

    Staff Augmentation

    The staff augmentation model can be used both for long and short-term projects.

    The purpose is to empower and support an in-house team with the needed specialists.

    This cooperation model is often used for small-scale projects.

    Management and supervision functions are performed by the client.

    It's possible to get the needed team members quickly.

    The pricing model is based on the time and material spent.

    Be on the top everywhere!

    Solvd covers a wide range of industries

    Retail & E-commerce

    Leveraging ML and deep analytics of audience behavior can make the user experience even more personalized and customer-oriented.

    Financial Services

    Take advantage of outsourcing IT services and empower the quality, security, and design of your existing product or just build one from scratch.

    Software & Hi-Tech

    Cut your team free from secondary tasks and direct these energies to your priority areas while we take care of the rest and deliver you the desired results.

    Autonomous Driving & Logistics

    Save money, time and mitigate risks by streamlining navigation systems and implementing remote control and monitoring.

    Media & Entertainment

    Outsource IT services, analyze user requests, predict and anticipate industry trends to stay a step ahead of the competition.

    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Provide your target audience with intuitive software that's compatible with different devices that attracts even more loyal users and increases the conversion rate.

    Social Media

    Dating apps, blogs, forums, image-based services, social news, or any other highly innovative ideas will become flawless with high-quality outsourced IT services.
    If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
    There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.
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