Managed IT Services

That will free up your internal resources to focus on your business's growth.

In the business world, a reliable IT managed services provider is a solid partner who is always available and ready to support and back you up in any situation. By providing both deep technical expertise and end-to-end project management, Solvd can take all of the responsibility for a project or just a particular function. Set your desired results and KPIs and be confident of achieving success.

Managed IT services
Managed services -  Cloud, Platform, and Modernization
Cloud, Platform, and Modernization
Managed services - data and ML
Data & Machine Learning

Reasons to opt for
IT managed services

Responsiveness. Proficiency. Courage.
  • Proactive support and maintenance.
  • Deep expertise in technical areas and highly skilled project managers.
  • Transparent workflow and a clear adherence to KPIs.
  • Complete coverage of the development cycle component.
  • Predictable costs.
  • Flexibility in scaling up the team.
  • Focus more on your business development.
  • Reduced internal responsibility and more of your resources will now be available.
  • Process

    The IT management services delivery process

    Get the most at each stage
    Step 1
    Discussion of our cooperation. You share with us the details of your project, including the scope of goals and requirements. We then offer you solution options and provide you with all the legal nuances of cooperation.
    Step 2
    Based on your needs, we create a team that's dedicated to meeting the KPIs and achieving the best results. During our cooperation, we'll inform you about the work process by providing regular reports.
    Step 3
    Our collaboration doesn't have to be over when the project ends. We also offer support services for software that's already in working condition. We fix bugs and provide solutions to new challenges as they arise.
    Delivery process

    Here’s what you get when
    you choose Solvd as a
    managed IT service

    Transparent workflow and KPIs
    The number of covered tests during automation or the number of bugs in production — the KPIs are all up to you. We'll set the service level and quality criteria in a way that suits you during the stage of discussing our cooperation. We guarantee to meet these needs completely.
    Delegating a whole layer of product development
    As part of our managed IT services, our specialists can take full responsibility for a particular technical area, including management. Thus, from your side, only the setting of goals and desired results will be necessary. The planning, evaluation, setting of workflows, control of timelines, and quality will lie on our shoulders.
    Ongoing Maintenance
    When the project comes to an end or when the main part of development gets completed, and you'd like ongoing support, our IT managed services can help you keep your product in working order, fix bugs, and handle support questions.
    No limits!
    Our field of responsibility can be expanded during the course of our cooperation according to the goals and needs of your business. As our responsibility grows, you can free up your in-house resources to concentrate on core business needs.

    Managed Services vs.
    Staff Augmentation


    It's suitable for long- and short-term projects.

    An IT managed services provider is responsible for technical expertise as well as project management.

    The aim is to take on all of the responsibilities for implementing part of the development cycle.

    Despite the management on the provider side, the client receives regular reports on the fulfillment of KPIs.


    The pricing model is based on the amount of time and material spent.


    This cooperation model is often used for small-scale projects.

    You can quickly hand-pick one or more relevant technical specialists.

    It's aimed at supporting an in-house team with needed specialists.

    Management gets performed by the client.

    The pricing model is also based on the amount of time and material spent.

    Be on the top everywhere!

    Solvd covers a wide range of industries

    Retail & E-commerce

    Logically arranged products, convenient and diverse search filters, personalized selections and recommendations, as well as easy shopping cart formation and additional paths to purchase.

    Financial Services

    Clear design and flawless code make financial activities accurate, understandable, and less risky.

    Software & Hi-Tech

    Solvd's world-class IT managed services include deliverable solutions for websites, mobile applications, smart devices, and cloud-based services.

    Autonomous Driving & Logistics

    Make your logistics industry software easy to use, multi-functional, and accessible for all parties involved with our managed IT services.

    Media & Entertainment

    Delivery of a media product that won't overwhelm your targeted audience with unnecessary information and design elements. Instead, we'll help them concentrate on what's relevant. Your product's quality will improve when you partner with Solvd, an IT managed services provider.

    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Make the road to a healthy lifestyle portable and handy by creating engaging and informative designs for web and mobile apps, smartwatches, and tablets.

    Social Media

    Surprise users with innovative features that stand out from the crowd, attract investors, stay on top of trends, and take the lead.
    If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
    There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.
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