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How Solvd improved a test automation framework for an automotive software leader Car IQ

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Car IQ Inc.
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Car IQ Inc. is a pioneering automotive software company that provides a cutting-edge payment solution, enabling vehicles to effortlessly receive, securely store, and seamlessly send funds, ensuring seamless connectivity, enhanced efficiency, and utmost security for all financial transactions within the vehicle and fleet ecosystem.

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We loved our partnership with Solvd. Their unwavering commitment and seamless collaboration made the entire journey not only productive but also enjoyable. Solvd’s attention to detail, timely delivery, and exceptional communication ensured a smooth and successful project.

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Alexander Matsaylo

Principal System Automation Engineer at Car IQ Inc.

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Our Client’s Goal:

When our esteemed client initially approached Solvd, they had one paramount objective in mind – to reduce the time, effort, and costs involved in software testing by automating repetitive and time-consuming manual testing tasks. At the moment we met, they had already developed a test automation framework. They wanted to improve it through integration, test coverage, base tests (the validation of the documents and specifications on which test cases are designed) and testing modules.

Technologies and Tools


March 2022 - Present


3 TA Engineers, Account Manager


Automation framework for Back-End validation:

  • Identify areas of the existing automation framework that require improvement for back-end validation. 
  • Review and analyze the current test suite and identify gaps or areas for enhancement. 
  • Collaborate with developers and other stakeholders to identify and resolve issues in the back-end validation process. 
  • Regularly review and update the automation framework to incorporate emerging best practices and technologies in back-end validation.

Automation framework for Front-End validation:

  • Determined the critical features and components of the user interface that require validation 
  • Selected an appropriate automation testing tool for the frontend technology stack 
  • Designed and implemented test cases to validate the selected features and components 
  • Developed the Selenium-based Front-End test automation framework from scratch to better fit the client’s requirements. Facilitating data-driven testing, reporting and integration with other existing frameworks.

Automation framework for performance validation:

  • Identified the critical performance metrics that need to be validated (e.g., response time, throughput, scalability) 
  • Designed and executed performance test scenarios that simulate realistic user traffic 
  • Improvement and scaling of automation processes within the project

Working with Car IQ on a test automation project has been a truly remarkable experience. Car IQ’s clear vision and collaborative approach have made them an ideal partner, and their dedication to quality and efficiency has greatly contributed to the project’s success. We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with Car IQ in future endeavors.


benefits of CarIQ service
  • Time and Effort Reduction
    Thanks to Solvd’s help in the automation of repetitive and time-consuming manual testing tasks, it was possible to reduce the overall time and effort invested in software testing. Manual testers could focus on more complex areas, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Cost Savings
    Thanks to Solvd’s assistance in the automation of testing tasks, the client required less human resources for manual testing. Thus, the client could allocate resources to other critical areas, optimizing their budget.
  • Enhanced Test Coverage
    Solvd’s contribution to improvements in the test automation framework allowed for broader test coverage across various software components and functionalities. This comprehensive testing approach improved quality assurance and reduced the risk of undetected defects.
  • Improved Accuracy and Reliability
    Solvd’s help in validation and refining base tests ensured accurate test cases, resulting in more reliable test results. This enhanced the effectiveness of the testing process, reducing false positives and false negatives.

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