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Launching a new product is just like skydiving out of a plane with a parachute. You don't jump until you first make sure your harness is not damaged, there are no tears in the canopy, the ropes are not tangled, etc. Similarly, testing ensures that your product functions properly and prevents its potential failure, which can cause major financial losses and damage to your brand's reputation.

We at Solvd are here to help you proactively find and fix all of the bugs and performance issues before it's too late. Let's go, shall we?


Test Automation

Get ready to jump
Service automation testing - Solvd

Continuous testing married together with a clear visualization helps to identify weaknesses and prevents code glitches from reaching the market. This helps guarantee the trouble-free performance of your services and also fosters their future continuous improvements through new features and options.

Test automation services - Solvd

Our 12 years of professional experience in automation testing have helped us develop a proprietary ecosystem that includes test automation frameworks, test execution, reporting, management, and integration. This unique system, which is real-world proven, saves our clients time and money on testing and potential debugging as well as improving the communication between managers and technical teams.

Test automation service - Solvd

Our proprietary stable and systematic approach, together with our engineers’ innovative solutions is precisely what guides our clients to easily scale and take their business up to the next level.

They are the most well-rounded service provider I’ve ever found.
Marina Ryzhikova
Senior Director of Engineering, NerdWallet
Marina Ryzhikova
We really depended on them, and they were great to work with.
Michael Lee
CEO, MyFitnessPal
Michael Lee
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Our Test Automation services at a glance

Numbers don't lie
85% reduction in testing time
tests are running in 30 parallel threads
saved on manual testing weekly
testing costs decreased by 70%
release time cycle reduced by 80%

Select Test Automation service that fits your individual needs


Performance Testing

Measurement of speed, stability, and accuracy helps you launch an application that can handle a high influx of concurrent users and easily scale in tandem with your business.

Functional Testing

Enhance your target audience's experience with feature-rich software by verifying that all of the functions presented work as specified.

Usability Testing

In-depth analysis of user behavior, expectations, and the challenges they face when interacting with your software provides deep and precious insights for refining its functionality and design.

End-to-end Testing

We run our tests by using the latest emulators of real-world user scenarios so we can help prevent all possible bugs, even the rarest ones, at each and every stage of interaction.

White-box Testing

Deep testing and coding knowledge allow our team to delve into the system and test the performance of its code. White-box testing makes it possible to start testing in the early stages without waiting for the interface.

Security Testing

When you take advantage of our service automation testing we help you identify all potential vulnerabilities in order to keep both your company and your users’ confidential data safe from malicious attacks.

Load Testing

Lean on service automation testing in order to test your software at maximum loads so you can provide your users with a seamless experience without having to sacrifice quality or speed during peak load times.

Compatibility Testing

We’ll test to make sure your product works perfectly on over 250 unique devices, which helps ensure that anybody and everybody can use your product, leaving no one out from accessing what you worked so hard to create.

Stress Testing

We check how your product functions at or even beyond its limit: we check its performance, its abilities, and the time it takes to regenerate back to a non-stressed state.

Test Automation Consulting

Our team will analyze the work of all QA levels and build a tailor-made strategy for overcoming the difficulties encountered at each stage, improving the code and quality of the developed product.

Volume Testing

By increasing the volume of data stored and used in the application, we obtain performance estimates, the current scalability of the system, and its potential increasability, as well as any failures that this extra increase in volume may cause.

technology stack

Test Rail, Fiddler, SoapUI, Tizen, Postman, Xcode, Jenkins, Java, Selenium, TestNG, Carina, Maven, Selenium Grid, Appium

Mobile Apps


Web Apps

Fitness Apps

IoT Testing




Medical Devices



API Testing

E-Commerce Solutions

Whatever you have — Solvd can test and refine with no limits

Our engineers don't limit their capabilities to just digital products. We are continuously working on a new branch of Solvd development: physical product testing. So if you have any ideas or products you wish to explore and don't know who can take them on, believe us, we have the necessary courage and enthusiasm to create customized technology and get the testing process started.

Be on the top everywhere!

Solvd covers a wide range of industries

Retail & E-commerce

Service automation testing will become your guarantee of high-level customer data security, quick loading times, mobile responsiveness, and the user-friendliness of your software product.

Financial Services

Our solid domain knowledge and well-rounded approach to testing will make your fintech products hack-proof, compliant with all laws and regulations while being user-friendly at the same time.

Software & Hi-Tech

Let's proactively check that your product's performance and functionality meet your rigid expectations by taking advantage of our test automation service. It's best to prevent potential pitfalls before they get into the hands of your users.

Autonomous Driving & Logistics

Solvd ensures that your application integrates easily with ERP, scheduling & tracking systems, freight reservation systems, SCM, and any other services you need to run your business smoothly.

Media & Entertainment

Allowing for an endless number of simultaneous users, crash-proof code, and a fast time-to-release will gain you a competitive advantage and also keep your target audience engaged and excited by doing rigorous automated testing.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our mix of end-to-end testing, open source, home-grown toolsets, and clear reporting will turn your company into a flawless, smoothly running, and lucrative health and wellness service that will set new standards of quality in the industry.

Social Media

Reduce the amount of time spent on testing your social media platform by automating the testing process. Make your software run even more smoothly than ever.
If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.
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