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If work is fun, you are playing on the right team

Solvd engineers and managers are experienced and skilled professionals, who are always ready to give advice and support the client`s enthusiasm. Years of dedicated work taught us that the path to success is pulling together as a team.

780 employees across 8 locations

About us

More than 780 people are working in 8 offices located around the globe. The company is headquartered in Roseville, CA, and has 7 development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and a sales office in Hungary.

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Since 2011 we are bringing together industry professionals and young talents to meet various engineering tasks. A rich technical background and positive experience gained from building and testing more than 160 applications paved us the way to becoming experts in such domains as FinTech, EdTech, Fitness, Health, Media, Logistics and others.

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Arts
  • Entertainment & music
  • Media
  • Business services
  • Consumer products & services
  • Advertising & marketing
  • Gaming and others

Staying flexible is a lifelong habit of the Solvd team.

We can quickly jump to a new environment and scale your development or QA department with professionals complementing skill gaps of the initial team or provide a dedicated squad of brightest minds fully devoted to your project. Good example is US based team.

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Solvd promotes mutual respect and supports argumentative discussions, since truth can spark when opposing ideas collide. Each team member understands the impact he brings to the project and business. Developing a comfortable environment allowed us to achieve results to be proud of:

  • 320+
    completed projects
  • 92%
    Revenue Retention for 24 Months
  • 12
    countries our clients located in
  • 11+
    years in business
  • x5
    growth of team in last two years

Every 2 weeks we hold internal Tech Talks, where engineers from different departments deliver lectures on technical topics they are specialized in. Solvd also arranges hackathons to mix up teams and create something new and joyful.

Elevator Pitches are conducted on a regular basis, which means any employee has a chance to win and get the company’s assistance in his project implementation. To progress even faster, we host Knowledge Sharing workshops and provide internal and external trainings for both employees and people who strive to join big family of Solvd.

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When it comes to leisure, Solvd team always spends it in an active way, preferring fresh air to a busy town. Arranging sports competitions in the summertime has become a tradition. Along with playing board games and kicker, we love themed quests, online quizzes, and VR activities.

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Solvd team


                                  Every new project drives our imagination and will to learn, that’s why we appreciate your unconventional ideas and ambitious plans. However, we focus on long-term partnerships getting to the very core of the business and assisting our clients to create market-dominant products.

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