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Your product is like an uncut diamond. Make sure that all of its facets shine.

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Does your product meet your current and future business goals? Does it have navigation that's intuitive? You can have peace of mind. Solvd's QA team can test your software from both the stakeholder and end-user sides so you can ensure that the end results satisfy everyone who interacts with your product.

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Manual Mobile Testing

Let your mobile apps run smoothly on all possible mobile operating systems that are out there.

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Manual Web Testing

Ensure that your software is secure, user-friendly, bug-free, and able to handle high-levels of traffic.

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IoT and even more

Smartwatches, earphones, and heart rate monitors — our QA engineers check how stable, secure, and smooth the connection of your supported devices is.

We really loved working with Solvd. The QA team was superb and collaborative.
Afnan Sherbeeni
Co-founder, Product & Growth Director at Sabbar
Afnan Sherbeeni
Solvd helped with our QA and replaced our need for an in-house QA while we are still a small team.
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CEO & Founder, Fitbod
Allen Chen

When should you


When you need to set up testing processes from the ground up

Our QA team helps you define the relevant business objectives and tests the software to ensure that it meets the desired goals. As a result, you get the guarantee that the product you launch works as per your requirements and that it has all the specified functions.


When you need a QA strategy at a certain stage of development

When during project development you discover that something’s gone wrong or the end result is slightly different from your original objectives, turn to Solvd’s manual testing services to root  out its vulnerabilities. We can build back a solution that’ll get you back on track on the path to your desired goals.


When you want to fix your project’s results that didn’t meet your expectations

There’s no such thing as a complete failure, but there are small mistakes that can be corrected permanently. Our QA engineers will survey the architecture of your product and we backtrack, analyzing all the previous steps to find weaknesses and errors that need to be corrected so that your project can be relaunched successfully.

Their account manager was very supportive. We will check our plans and needs and see how Solvd can help us in the future.
Afnan Sherbeeni
Co-founder, Product & Growth Director at Sabbar
Afnan Sherbeeni

The types of
testing we
at Solvd


The Manual
Testing process

Get the most at each stage
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Analyzing the business requirements
Test planning and strategy implementation
Test execution
Results reporting
Post-release and ongoing support
Retests and bug fixing

The benefits of Solvd's Manual
Software Testing services

Superior User Experiences
In order to provide users with the highest-quality software, we use real-user behavior emulation and proprietary testing scenarios in our world-class manual testing services. QA reports can also be used as potential users' feedback.
Real-Time Testing Process
To detect problems at an early stage, we test software right from the very beginning of its development and make minor changes even without writing the code and executing it.
Manual software testing is perfect for tight-budget projects, as we have a variety of real devices, emulators, browser stacks, clouds, and other tools that facilitate the manual testing processes that help keep costs down.
Flexible Cooperation Models
Whether it's outsourcing, a dedicated team, an augmentation team, managed services, or QA consulting — you can choose which model best suits your goals, deadlines, and budget requirements.

technology stack

Charles, Postman, Swagger, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Tealium iQ, Stripe, Salesforce

What’s the Solvd difference?
Solvd vs In-house


Load control and you pay only for real work performed, easy to scale up and down, usually at a much lower overall cost vs in-house.

Get the expertise and skills you need quickly and in the way that best suits you: you can utilize just one specialist, a whole team, or give us a complete turnkey project.

Solvd Laba is the in-house Training Center that helps us guarantee a high level of training for our team members who are ready to get to work and deliver world-class results for you.

We have extensive experience with all aspects of testing, including Fortune 500 companies, and we're competent in every niche of testing.


The high cost and difficulty of finding and hiring an ongoing internal QA team until there are no tasks left, harder to scale up and down.

Lots of time and money spent on hunting down and onboarding/offboarding the necessary specialists.

A pool of specialists at different levels of expertise.

The need to get your employees skills upgraded for new specific tasks, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Be on the top everywhere!

Solvd covers a wide range of industries

Retail & E-commerce

Our team helps you not only optimize your supply chain management but also improve your customers’ path right from their first interaction with your product all the way through to them taking the targeted action.

Financial Services

We help ensure that the integrated systems run smoothly, that each of the possible users of your financial app or system has access to full functionality, and that their data remains fully protected.

Software & Hi-Tech

Manual software testing services are your keys to launching a highly competitive product that meets both users’ needs with today’s high-quality standards that the market demands.

Autonomous Driving & Logistics

Transport management services, vessel scheduling, tracking systems, and cost management can be even more performant and user-friendly with Solvd’s manual testing expertise.

Media & Entertainment

Turn to functional, usability, or performance testing to fix any and all glitches before launching your product. As a result, you’ll be able to market a top-notch product that’ll rock the ratings.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Take advantage of our software testing and level up your brand with innovative features, eye-catching UI components, loyalty programs, and personalized recommendations.

Social Media

Forums, blogs, image-sharing platforms, social networks, or consumer review sites — level up the quality of them all using the latest technologies and approaches.
If your industry isn't above, don't worry.
There's no limit to us, so tell us your ideas.
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