Manual Software Testing Services

Manual Software Testing Services

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Does your product meet your current and future business goals? Does it have navigation that’s intuitive? You can have peace of mind. Solvd’s QA team can test your software from both the stakeholder and end-user sides so you can ensure that the end results satisfy everyone who interacts with your product.

Manual Mobile Testing

Let your mobile apps run smoothly on all possible mobile operating systems that are out there. 

Manual Web Testing

Ensure that your software is secure, user-friendly, bug-free, and able to handle high-levels of traffic.  

IoT and even more

Smartwatches, earphones, and heart rate monitors — our QA engineers check how stable, secure, and smooth the connection of your supported devices is. 

When Should You Opt for Manual Testing?

When you need to set up testing processes from the ground up

Our QA team helps you define the relevant business objectives and tests the software to ensure that it meets the desired goals. As a result, you get the guarantee that the product you launch works as per your requirements and that it has all the specified functions. 

When you need a QA strategy at a certain stage of development

When during project development you discover that something’s gone wrong or the end result is slightly different from your original objectives, turn to Solvd’s manual testing services to root  out its vulnerabilities. We can build back a solution that’ll get you back on track on the path to your desired goals.

When you want to fix your project’s results that didn't meet your expectations

There’s no such thing as a complete failure, but there are small mistakes that can be corrected permanently. Our QA engineers will survey the architecture of your product and we backtrack, analyzing all the previous steps to find weaknesses and errors that need to be corrected so that your project can be relaunched successfully. 

The Types of Testing We Provide at Solvd

Functional Testing

Our manual testing services allow you to compare each of the features implemented in your software with...

Smoke Testing

This is a basic step in QA that helps us quickly identify problems in core functionality before moving ...

End-to-End Testing

We check your product all the way from the very beginning to the very end to ensure that all of the int...

Regression Testing

Add new features, update existing ones, and modify the design without the risk that these operations wi...

A/B Testing

​We’ll help you check the setup verification so you can be sure that the tests are correct and give val...

Localization Testing

Solvd ensures that your content, user interface, and functionality work perfectly in every targeted loc...

Exploratory Testing

This type of testing is an outstanding opportunity to go above and beyond your normal scenarios and dis...

Usability Testing

This determines whether your target audience can  use your product or service effectively and it also d...

Integration Testing

We’ll check the extent to of all the existing components of your software interact with each other and ...

GUI Testing

Rely on manual testing services to assess the navigation, the colors and fonts you choose, and the acce...

Installation Testing

This verifies the ability to download, install, and remove the application without any obstacles, as we...

System Testing

Turn to Solvd’s manual testing engineers in order to get your system tested completely....

Configuration Testing

You set up the various devices, platforms, and browser versions on which you want your application to w...

API Testing

API testing is a time-efficient and language-independent method that tests core functionality and secur...

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing helps you save time and money because we only test the individual features or modules th...

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is aimed at verifying the functionality and reliability of the product in your pr...

User Acceptance Testing

This is the final filter your software should overcome positively before it's released into the hands o...


If you’re unsure about which of the testing types we listed is suitable for your project's goals or if ...

Alpha/Beta Testing

Our QA team puts the finishing touches on your product’s development with feedback from real users who ...

The Manual Testing Process

The Benefits of Solvd’s Manual Software Testing Services

Superior User Experiences

In order to provide users with the highest-quality software, we use real-user behavior emulation and proprietary testing scenarios in our world-class manual testing services. QA reports can also be used as potential users' feedback.


Manual software testing is perfect for tight-budget projects, as we have a variety of real devices, emulators, browser stacks, clouds, and other tools that facilitate the manual testing processes that help keep costs down.

Real-Time Testing Process 

To detect problems at an early stage, we test software right from the very beginning of its development and make minor changes even without writing the code and executing it.

Flexible Cooperation Models

Whether it's outsourcing, a dedicated team, an augmentation team, managed services, or QA consulting — you can choose which model best suits your goals, deadlines, and budget requirements.

What’s the Solvd Difference? In-House vs Solvd

  • In-House Team

    the high cost and difficulty of finding and hiring an ongoing internal QA team until there are no tasks left, harder to scale up and down

    lots of time and money spent on hunting down and onboarding/offboarding the necessary specialists

    a pool of specialists at different levels of expertise

    the need to get your employees skills upgraded for new specific tasks, which can be time-consuming and expensive

  • Solvd Team

    load control and you pay only for real work performed, easy to scale up and down, usually at a much lower overall cost vs in-house

    get the expertise and skills you need quickly and in the way that best suits you: you can utilize just one specialist, a whole team, or give us a complete turnkey project

    Solvd Laba is the in-house Training Center that helps us guarantee a high level of training for our team members who are ready to get to work and deliver world-class results for you

    We have extensive experience with all aspects of testing, including Fortune 500 companies, and we’re competent in every niche of testing

Advanced technology stack

Solvd’s Services Cover a Wide Range of Industries

Software & Hi-Tech
Healthcare & Wellness

Get inspired by success stories made by Solvd

Reviews by Our Happy Clients

QA image
  • Ilay Avni, Everysight

    Ilay Avni

    Ex-Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Everysight
    Prioritizing QA to iron out bugs, their consistent ability to creatively solve complex problems strengthened the deliverables and the overall relationship. Their dedication made a strong impact. Having their solutions for automation means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and getting up to speed quickly in that way was a huge bonus for us.
  • David Brickhill, Famous Industries

    David Brickhill

    Ex-VP Engineering, Famous Industries
    When you scale up quickly and get a lot of people all at once, not everyone is going to be a fit. Solvd Inc has been outstanding at swapping out team members if they don’t meet our needs. I’ve worked with many external engineering and QA providers for several decades, and inconsistent skill level is typical. Solvd Inc offers a high level of consistency, which means they must have a thorough vetting process.
  • Michael Lee, Ex-CEO MyFitnessPal

    Michael Lee

    Ex-CEO, MyFitnessPal
    The speed of development accelerated, thanks to the automation Solvd Inc put in place. The release schedule exceeded expectations, and the relationship was bolstered by Solvd Inc’s flexibility, responsiveness, and strong skillset. Together, we did manual testing, and they added a lot of automation over time. That work dramatically changed our development process and gave us the ability to test faster.

Manual Testing Services Insights


A manual tester doesn’t necessarily need to know how to write code. This doesn’t affect the ability to test functionality and understand the interactions between the application and the server. However, of course, knowledge of architecture and coding is required for some types of testing and it can be an advantage when building an improvement strategy.

Sure. QA stands for quality assurance, and it’s a comprehensive process of verifying the sanity of the code and its performance. It includes manual testing services and automated testing, respectively, with scripts.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as it always depends on the goals, duration, and budget of the project. Finding a balance between manual and automated testing is a matter of the pace of the release and the number of features in the pipeline. If you’re not quite sure whether you need manual or automated testing, please feel free to contact us at Solvd for a consultation.

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