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Founded in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a pioneer in cloud computing and a thought leader in cloud technology. It offers an extensive and constantly evolving set of scalable and cost-effective solutions delivered on demand. From storage and databases to networking, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, AWS enables companies from startups to enterprises to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

AWS has a proven track record of constant innovation and their ability to adapt to shifting needs. They revolutionized the use of cloud services by becoming the first company on the market to introduce a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This innovation has made cloud services accessible and affordable for a wider audience.

Solvd is an official AWS partner and our collaboration is an incredible opportunity to become a part of modern cloud computing history. We look forward to sharing our ideas and solutions with a world-class company like AWS.

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Amazon services


  • Archiving

  • Backup and Restore

  • Blockchain

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Operations

  • Containers

  • Content Delivery

  • Database Migrations

  • Data Lakes and Analytics

  • DevOps

  • E-Commerce

  • Edge Computing

  • Websites

  • High Performance Computing

  • Hybrid Cloud Architectures

  • Internet of Things

  • Machine Learning

  • Modern Application Development

  • Multicloud

  • Resilience

  • Scientific Computing

  • Front-End Web & Mobile Dev

  • Remote Work

Amazon industries list


  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Financial Services

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Sustainability

  • Aerospace and Satellite

  • Games

  • Nonprofit

  • Telecommunications

  • Automotive

  • Government

  • Power and Utilities

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Industrial

  • Semiconductor

  • Energy

  • Manufacturing

  • Sports