getthings Quality assurance

We work with emerging companies and leader enterprises in numerous areas: fintech, education, sharing economy, gaming, fitness, medical, eCommerce and management software. Originating from the software QA company we have quality treated as the #1 fundamental. Resulting solution we develop always fits the highest standards: your value is maximised by the right balance between technical R&D and quality best practices.

Our services

Test Automation

Reuse code between iOS and Android by 70% and deploy open‑source automation frameworks via 1‑click install

We take care of the most complex test automation challenges: multi‑platform integration tests, IoT tests with testing hardware development, Xbox / PS4 automation with help of AI. Achieve your test coverage KPI’s for mobile faster with our open‑source solutions: reuse code between iOS and Android by 70% by the means of testing framework Carina. Feel the pulse of test execution with Zafira QA Reporting Centre. Deploy top‑used automation infrastructure QPS‑infra on your server via free 1‑click install instead of spending 100+ hours for regular setup.

Test Execution

Run endless number of tests in multithreaded mode 24/7

Get private solution MCloud: custom device list with up to 200 devices, advanced test logic and debug. Fully dedicated solution: IPSEC standards specific to your project and no waiting in the queues.

Test Driven Software Development

Test us with fast prototype or product roadmap before making big steps in development

Get high‑quality product with our top‑armed engineering talent: we build Native iOS/Android and Hybrid (Unity 3d, Xamarin) mobile applications, AR/VR apps for mobile and desktop, high‑performing WEB (frontend and backend), AI and Data Processing modules. Our R&D team will help you with fast prototypes and product roadmaps.

Quality Assurance

Your product is fully compliant with store & security guidelines

Feel confident about your product quality: our QA team’s job is not about just selling you testers’ time and instruments. We confirm that your features work as expected on the target devices, the product is fully compliant with store & security guidelines and formally sign off on your product quality each release. The end goal is faster time to market for your team under Continuous Integration and Delivery process ideally fitted for you SDLC.

Matthew Hasel
Matthew Hasel

Matthew Hasel

CEO, TriPointLab

I’ve outsourced programming needs to many development firms over the years, though I’ve never come across a company quite like Solvd. Instead of finding myself responsible for specifying, tasking and management, they have found an ingenious way to seamlessly provide this level of service: our code ends up very scalable and conforms to best practices.

Craig Compiano
Craig Compiano

Craig Compiano

CEO, Modius

I’m impressed by the speed these guys could integrate into our team, audit the process and come up with automated testing solution. Solvd engineers have a wide tech horizon, adjustable schedule and perfect transparency of the QA process: we have real-time reporting and control of all automated test runs, performance of engineers, and project quality status. Nice job!