Solvd is a global technology consultancy and software engineering company.

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Our Services

Custom Software Development

We have over 11 years of experience delivering custom software development services and solutions that help our clients refine and scale their offerings, grow their audience, and stay competitive in their niche. Our engineers deliver reliable and scalable solutions that work on all platforms and devices.
  • Web Systems
    We provide web development services to help our clients create web-based custom software solutions from the ground up. Our engineers are flexible in delivering impactful systems on a case-by-case basis. We offer full-scale teams or staff augmentation models.
  • Mobile Applications
    Solvd's mobile application development services help clients create iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications. Our engineers expertly research technologies, estimate costs, and create solutions right in line with our clients' individual needs.
  • QA and Test Automation
    A vital part of any custom software project, automated testing and QA can often be overlooked by clients. Solvd offers QA and Test Automation services to monitor your software development processes and iron out any bugs and save the final products from revenue losses that can be caused by negative and avoidable customer experience issues.
  • DevOps Consulting and Engineering
    DevOps methodology helps coordinate the work of development and operation teams to expedite the delivery of top-tier software solutions. Solvd provides end-to-end DevOps consulting and engineering services that help our clients improve the reliability of their existing software systems, ensure safe releases, develop time saving modifications, and quick bug fixing.

Technology Advisory

Our consulting specialists advise our clients on how to make use of the most efficient software technology and we also approach each of our clients on an individual basis. Solvd technology advisory services help level up your technology-powered business operations.

Technology Consulting

We help our clients leverage top-tier tech to modernize their business software, better plan and organize digital workplaces, ease the implementation of Cloud, Big Data, IoT, AI Solutions and more.

Digital Transformation

We aim at enhancing the overall efficiency of each of our client's business. Our consultants build up digital transformation strategies that improve the areas of customer and employee experience, customer servicing, supply chain, healthcare, financial management, asset management and more.

Managed IT Services

Solvd provides comprehensive application and infrastructure management that helps our clients optimize application performance, improve cybersecurity, implement automation and opt for on-demand software development.
  • Dedicated Development Center
    Solvd offers dedicated teams to handle your whole software development story. Our professional teams have profound industry knowledge and skills with the latest technology needed to create turnkey business solutions.
  • Maintenance and Support
    Based on your individual business needs and project type(s), we provide dedicated professionals to oversee your project at the release and post-release stages. They work on ensuring the seamless integration with your existing software infrastructure, manage migration and security issues, and provide the necessities for your employees.


Our engineers upgrade legacy software solutions for businesses of various sizes and domains. They use the latest technology to help strengthen application security, add new valuable features and we help with boosting the performance of any outdated business applications.


Banking and Finance
Retail and Distribution
Media and Entertainment
Logistics and Transportation
Software and Hi-Tech
Healthcare and Wellness

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