How we introduced, created and maintained QA testing processes to improve the quality of Digital Staffing Platform Sabbar

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Retail and Service Industries


iOS, Android, Web

Company Profile

Sabbar brings a new way of gig work to the retail and service-based industries. Their platform connects people having on-demand skills – like baristas, cashiers or kitchen staff – and partners.

Solvd was challenged to create and implement a QA testing process. Our team had to test applications that allowed gig workers or giggers to find job opportunities and also make gigger search, scheduling and hiring easier for partners.

Project Goals

  • Our QA specialists received a task to set up the QA processes and a team for the client.
  • Sabbar needed a regression testing suite that could be integrated with the existing CI/CD pipeline.

Business Needs

  • Back-office teams use web applications to oversee multiple related operations by giggers and partners. Our task was to introduce, create and maintain the QA testing process to test Sabbar's systems, including highly critical payments and invoicing ones. The cross-platform mobile application, designed for Sabbar's partners, was expected to allow scheduling shifts and rating the workers.

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    12 months

  • Effort

    2 QA engineers

Technology Stack

  • Node.js

  • Nest.js

  • Angular js

  • Flutter

  • MongoDB (NoSQL)

  • Firebase Analytics (Google Analytics for Mobile)

Challenges and Solutions

  • Solvd's specialists began by writing testing strategy documentation and revising the existing test cases. They created new valid test cases as per the requirements of QA process implementation and based on the functionality that was currently in use. They also had to test the newly implemented functions, such as data analytics.

  • 3 applications required new test suites: those for Giggers, Partner and Admin. Our engineers had to complete some tasks without using test automation tools, which complicated the QA process implementation.

What Our Customer Says

We really loved working with Solvd. The QA team was superb and collaborative. Their account manager was very supportive. We will check our plans and needs and see how Solvd can help us in the future."
Co-founder, Product & Growth Director at Sabbar


Solvd helped Sabbar improve the product quality and launch it successfully by testing all 3 applications and ensuring their seamless work. Our specialists fully prepared test documentation for testing new functionalities and continuous regression testing. And you are welcome to learn more about QA and testing services that we offer to our clients.

Sabbar received a well-tuned testing system and test suites that the QA and testing team can use for further testing activities. As a next step, Solvd recommended integrating automated QA testing processes.

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