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Improving Performance and Load Testing approaches for a sports equipment manufacturer

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Under Armour is a well-known American sports apparel and accessories company. They are famous for their innovative products that help athletes perform better, stay comfortable and look stylish. Under Armour’s product line includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for athletes of all levels. With a focus on performance, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder why they’re one of the most successful and well-known companies in the sports apparel industry.

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Our Client’s Goals

  • Implement an in-house performance and load-testing framework
  • Revisit a previous vendor’s reporting format installation and improve scalability
  • Set up a co-located and cloud load-testing infrastructure
  • Enable web-based reporting and a report export option
  • Create flexible testing capabilities to simulate different load-testing scenarios and volumes of customer traffic
  • Introduce baseline and trend reporting to highlight improvements and failures
  • For managers, introduce summarized reporting with drill-down capability for engineering investigation
  • Make web performance testing possible during each release
  • Prepare e-commerce platforms for the end-of-year holiday period
  • Reduce costs and remove schedule restrictions that were imposed by a previous vendor
  • Make it possible to run performance and load testing when needed and on any project

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Project Goals

  • Build a robust Test Automation infrastructure for the app
  • Create Automation Tests and keep them maintained in order to ensure accurate and reliable results
  • Implement an efficient QA process that can keep up with the short release iterations and fast release cycle of the app
  • Improve overall app quality by catching and fixing bugs earlier in the development process through automation
  • Reduce manual testing efforts and increase the testing coverage with automation
  • Enable faster and more frequent releases of the app while maintaining high quality standards

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  • High load testing now runs internally and without having to rely on any 3rd party. This resulted in cost savings and more control over the testing process.
  • Expanded performance and load testing to OIS, OCAPI, UACAPI, PWA-UK, and Ecomm Sites (US, UK, CA & JP). It enabled the identification and repair of performance issues across various systems and geographies.
  • Cost savings were realized as new tests were run and additional sites were added. It helped reduce the reliance on external vendors. The savings are expected to increase when more sites and tests are added.
  • Quarterly load testing was made possible on nearly all of the projects. It helped identify and fix issues early on, which resulted in better overall performance.
  • Weekly website performance monitoring helped identify any issues early on for corrective actions to be taken.
  • Tracking low performance and assigning issues to the development team in a timely manner resulted in quicker problem resolution times and improved website performance.

Working with such a reputable and innovative company has been an incredible experience, and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds. From the outset, we've been impressed by Under Armour's commitment to pushing the boundaries and driving innovation in the sportswear industry, and we're honored to be a part of this journey.

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