How We Helped a Provider of Live Video Streaming Revamp their Website and Expand their Outreach

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LiveU is a revolutionary force in live video production. They are global market leaders and use pioneering technology to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions and cloud services for all types of live production.

From sports broadcasting to news coverage, they offer the highest quality output at minimal cost. Their international headquarters are based in New Jersey, USA.

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As a supplier, Solvd offered a good combination of price and quality. Recommendations we got from third parties became a decisive factor.

Bezalel Finkelstien
Bezalel Finkelstien

Marketing Technology Specialist at LiveU

LiveU  website revamp


  • Our revamped website version makes it easier for visitors to find the solutions they’re looking for while elevating their overall user experience.
  • The new website’s custom look is more appealing for users and also fosters brand recognition.
  • Switching their website over to a different and better platform helped our client boost their search engine visibility and made it easier for them to keep the site up-to-date while providing a smooth navigation experience for their users.
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Our client was in need of a website revamp. They wanted something fresh and modern that could grab the audience’s attention while making an inquiry or submitting a form easier. Under tight deadlines, they had to bring in additional outside resources to get the tasks accomplished on time.

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 2 Front-End Engineers
  • 2 Back-End Engineers
  • 1 Test Automation
  • 1 QA Engineer

Technologies and Tools

Carina Framework
LibeU TV


The Solvd team revamped the website from the ground up. Solvd’s IT professionals changed the website’s previous CMS, Joomla, to WordPress, which fits LiveU’s needs much better.

The previous design wasn’t visually appealing enough, so we proposed our creative vision, which LiveU approved and our engineers put into action after revamping the website’s base platform. As a result, we developed a visually appealing corporate website that hinges on 25 unique templates. We also helped deploy a Chinese version of the site that’s hosted on a Chinese server.

Our test automation and QA engineers conducted automated testing using Zebrunner and DIF manual QA testing, including performance, smoke, regression, and maintenance testing, and helped to connect online forms to a database.

They paid close attention to every detail, they were well-versed in their product knowledge and understood what was important to display on the site based on the audience’s demand, so they were able to make quick and informed decisions about the site’s layout and content.

After revamping LiveU’s website, we ensured that their international audience had easy access to the content and forms. LiveU was definitely satisfied with the results and has been enjoying an increase in web traffic since our revamp.

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