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How Solvd Implemented Reusable Workflow to Improve Efficiency of Car IQ Inc.

Cloud & DevOps
Car IQ Inc.
Automotive Software

Car IQ Inc. is an innovative automotive software company. It offers a payment solution that empowers vehicles to effortlessly receive, securely store, and seamlessly send funds. With Car IQ, managing payments becomes effortless, enabling vehicles and fleets to stay connected and efficient while ensuring the utmost security for all financial transactions.

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With Solvd’s expertise, we have streamlined our software development processes, resulting in faster delivery cycles, improved software quality, and significant cost savings.

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Alexander Matsaylo

Principal System Automation Engineer at Car IQ Inc.

devops services for CarIQ

Our Client’s Goal:

When Solvd joined the project the main DevOps processes were already established. The goal of our client was to streamline the software development process and improve collaboration between development and operations teams, ultimately accelerating software delivery and improving software quality. 

Technologies and Tools

Google Cloud
Google Kubernetes
GitHub Actions
reusable workflow implementation for CarIQ

March 2022 - Present


DevOps, Account Manager


  • Contributed to improvement in DevOps approaches to optimize software development and deployment practices.
  • Implemented new CI/CD processes to enhance efficiency and ensure continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Implemented reusable workflows to establish standardized and efficient processes across all services.
  • Developed reusable actions for the services pipeline to streamline development and reduce redundancy.
  • Catered to diverse languages, such as Java, Go, and Python, ensuring seamless integration and deployment. By implementing this unified approach, we eliminated the need for separate pipelines for each language, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency. This standardized pipeline enabled consistent and efficient software delivery, regardless of the programming language used.

Working with Car IQ Inc. on their DevOps services project was an absolute pleasure. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of streamlining software development and deployment processes. They were highly collaborative, proactive, and open to new ideas throughout the entire project. Our partnership allowed us to implement cutting-edge DevOps practices, resulting in enhanced efficiency, faster delivery cycles, and improved software quality. Car IQ Inc.'s commitment to innovation and their dedication to revolutionizing the automotive software industry were truly inspiring. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking and driven client, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Anatoliy Moshchyn
Anatoliy Moshchyn

DevOps Engineer at Solvd


reusable workflows
  • Accelerated Software Delivery
    By contributing to improvement of CI/CD practices, the client's organization experienced a substantial reduction in the time required to deliver software updates. The automated build, test, and deployment processes eliminated manual errors and bottlenecks, resulting in faster and more frequent releases.
  • Improved Software Quality
    The streamlined development process, along with automated testing and deployment, led to enhanced software quality. Contribution to improvement in continuous integration processes ensured that issues were detected and addressed early in the development cycle, reducing the number of bugs and improving overall reliability.
  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Improvement of DevOps approaches fostered better collaboration between the development and operations teams. It resulted in a more efficient development process, with reduced friction and improved overall productivity.
  • Increased Efficiency
    The enhancement in implementation of reusable workflows and actions significantly improved efficiency across the organization. Standardized processes reduced time spent on manual configurations and minimized errors caused by inconsistencies. Development efforts were streamlined, leading to increased productivity and reduced development time.

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