Performing Full-Stack DevOps Activities on a Global Fitness App's Infrastructure

Performing Full-Stack DevOps Activities on a Global Fitness App's Infrastructure

About project


iOS, Android, Web

DevOps services for Endomondo

Company Profile

Endomondo is a leading global social fitness app and a part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness family of apps, which includes UA Record, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal. Together it represents the world’s largest connected fitness community with over 200 million users

Project Goals

  • Minimize efforts for application viability maintenance
  • Provide 24/7 support for the app and its infrastructure
  • Migrate the app using a modern technology stack
  • Make the app GDPR compliant
  • Assure the quick resolution of tasks provided by the customer happiness team
  • Integrate Endomondo with the central Under Armour’s monitoring system

Business Needs

  • Create a sustainability team from scratch
  • Optimize costs for infrastructure support

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Ongoing since December 2018

  • Effort

    3 engineers

Technologies Used

  • Java

  • Kubernetes

  • AWS (EC2, RDS, DMS, CloudFront, CloudWatch)

  • MySQL

  • ElasticSearch (ELK)

  • DataDog

  • Signal Sciences

  • Docker

Challenges and Solutions

  • Provide SAP integration

    Integrating SAP Solvd engineers chose WooCommerce for more convenient order management, stock and shipping control. We added new actions and hooks to start generating a request and sending it to the SAP API

  • Arrange dynamic tax and shipping fee rate calculation process

    After considering several possible options, our team decided to create a new plugin for calculating the cost of payment depending on the country. If a user is from the USA, dynamic calculation of taxes and shipping charges by state. Later we implemented tools for report generation

  • Provide BrainTree integration

    We added a new payment gateway for better payment management and routing of cash flows depending on the payment currency

  • Add multilingual support to the platform

    The task was to enable multilingual support including right-to-left languages. Now it works like this: the language is selected automatically depending on the geographic location of the user. Currency/SKU is set based on the selected language

  • Adjust camera rotations to simulate real life and taking photos

    While integrating an interactive view, Solvd engineers faced the need to perform a real life simulation. The decision was to use a wide video for rotation. To calculate the part of a frame that needed to be cut, we operated with current rotation and window sizes


- Arranged a successful migration of MySQL Databases from EC2 to RDS with zero downtime

- All the vital application components were migrated to Kubernetes

- Provided logging and synthetic monitoring with DataDog for application components

results image

- Implemented data protection requirements into the existing app in order to make it GDPR compliant

- Achieved full automation of the release and deployment process (which resulted in speeding up the whole procedure), reduction of human involvement and overall resource costs

- Successfully integrated Endomondo with the central Under Armour’s monitoring system

- Our engineers proved themselves as a proactive and organized team with great initiative. It led to mutual trust growth and fostering a strong business collaboration

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