Integrating Marketing Agency's Dashboard with Third-party Platform

Integrating Marketing Agency's Dashboard with Third-party Platform

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Company Profile

Sway Group is an award-winning influencer marketing agency that facilitates the generation of content across multiple social media platforms. Sway Group connects both brand-direct and agency clients with its robust network of influencers across nearly all verticals to create compelling content with guaranteed results.

Project Goals

  • Integrate CreatorIQ (CIQ) API to Sway Dashboard
  • Batch import of existing creator profiles into CIQ
  • Integrate CIQ with Sway Dashboard (add social authentication iframe to CIQ)
  • Provide general platform maintenance

Business Needs

Technically support partnership and execute integration processes for both platforms. Enhance Sway Group’s dashboards and the product to feature CIQ’s functionality.

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Ongoing since January 2019

  • Effort

    1 PHP developer

Technologies Used

  • PHP

  • Drupal

  • AWS

Challenges and Solutions

  • Balancing between two sides

    This project involved three different companies: Sway Group, CreatorIQ, and Solvd. We acted as a technical bridge between Sway and CIQ. Coordinating the work, our team migrated an influencer-facing platform to new software and provided a stronger connection to social APIs to the client

  • Time zone difference

    To ensure mutual understanding of the project, we arranged frequent Zoom calls. Though the partnership was remote, Solvd was accommodating to the time change. Our engineer worked off-hours to support the project contributing to the success of the final product

  • Dealing with high load due to increased user activity after email newsletter campaign

    First, we increased the parameter MaxRequestWorkers on the server. It allowed us to withstand a greater number of requests. But that was a temporary solution, so we continued with setting up instances in AWS. The type of instance determines its CPU capacity, memory, and storage. Our DevOps engineer (who was additionally involved specifically for this task) analyzed the load and set up the instance to “m4.xlarge”. Also, he configured Load Balancer. These activities secured the server and provided correct work during high load


Solvd team successfully executed the integration process and left the Sway Dashboard stable and fully functional. We delivered the solution that satisfied both Sway Group and CreatorIQ. Both platform’s users haven’t experienced any troubles after integration, which is something we can be proud of. Positive results of the accomplished work resulted in continuous partnership.

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What do our customers say about us

  • Francesca Banducci

    Francesca Banducci

    COO at Sway Group
    The Solvd team effectively delivered a solution that satisfied both us and our partners at CreatorIQ. Their ability to devise unique solutions impressed us, and we would absolutely work with them again in the future.

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