A Concise Health Tracking App We Developed Single-Handed

A Concise Health Tracking App We Developed Single-Handed

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MVP services for Period

Project Profile

Period is an iOS app that provides customized tracking of health indicators, such as menstrual cycle, medication intake, weight changes, and anything else the customer wants to track. Also, it offers in- app purchases. Period has been recognized by Apple users and earned a high store rating for its simplicity, accessibility, and security. Users also delight in the fact that they are not forced to use red, pink and purple interface colours.

Project Goals

  • Deliver an MVP within 3 months
  • Develop the major version of the app with complete functionality

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Ongoing since Sep 2019

  • Effort

    1 iOS developer

Technologies Used

  • UIKit

  • Realm Database

  • Swift

  • Firebase Analytics

  • Socket.IO

  • Alamofire

  • Apple SDK

  • In-App Purchase

Remarkable Achievements

  • Implemented the feature to add notes about the user's state day by day using a convenient UI. It’s now possible to create custom notes/indicators

  • The application builds infographics in accordance with the state of the user and his cycles

  • User data is synchronized with server data for convenient application use across different devices

  • The application now has a server-side for supporting and synchronizing chats

  • Users can import and export their data as a CSV file

  • Local in-app reminders and push notifications

  • Cycle prediction algorithm

  • Chat for users

  • Premium subscription functionality

  • Period is synchronized with Apple Health

What do our customers say about us

  • Joanie McCollom, Period Founder

    Joanie McCollom

    Founder of Period
    It’s easy to get started with Solvd. They’re responsive and execute projects well. Solvd built an iOS app for my users. It runs on iPhones and iPads. Although the app’s part of my business, it’s for my users to enter data, customize data, and chat with other users. After entering data, it appears in charts that users can export. Solvd also built a push notification feature into the platform. They handle the server that allows users to access their data on different devices too. The platform’s relatively crash-free and highly rated in the App Store, so users are really happy with it.

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