Reliable Software Testing and QA Services

Reliable Software Testing and QA Services

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Types of Testing That We Do

Functional Testing

We make sure your software works in line with the business and functional requirements.

Performance Testing

Be confident that your product can work smoothly under pressure and may scale up when your business grows.

Compatibility Testing

We test solution performance on over 250 physical devices. With that variety within our device fleet, we guarantee your application to fly on any platform.

End-to-End Testing

Our engineers develop real user scenarios and their replications to make sure your solution functions as expected from beginning to end.

Usability Testing

​​We test how your audience interacts with your software by making a detailed analysis of user actions and preferences.

Security Testing

Your software will comply with international security standards and industry certifications. We will detect and fix weaknesses, memory leaks and other bottlenecks.

What We Test

Mobile Apps

Web Apps

Internet of Things


Medical Devices


E-commerce Solutions


Fitness Apps




Salesforce Commerce Cloud testing

Solvd offers comprehensive Salesforce testing services that include both manual and automated testing. It allows testing the Salesforce functionality from the storefront’s as well as the admin’s side, covering the product catalog, search filters, checkout process, payment methods, promotion and content management, and even more. Our team of certified specialists is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality SFCC testing services that help boost the conversion rate, user experience, and client loyalty.

For selected clients, we offer a free analysis and review of current SFCC testing processes. As a result, we provide you with a detailed report and a proposal for improvements.

Our approach is empowered by solutions and frameworks built specifically for SFCC Automated Testing with a component-based approach. It dramatically simplifies and speeds up the delivery process.

  • Storefront:

    Product Catalog

    Checkout Process

    Payment Methods

    Shipping Options

  • Admin:

    User Management

    Product Management

    Order Management

    Promotion Management

    Content Management

Technologies and Tools

The selected technology stack plays a crucial role in the future success of the project. We’ll help you choose the most relevant technologies based on your functional and non-functional requirements and individual business needs.

We Are Your Reliable Partner


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Reviews by Our Happy Clients

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  • Ilay Avni, Everysight

    Ilay Avni

    Ex-Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Everysight
    Prioritizing QA to iron out bugs, their consistent ability to creatively solve complex problems strengthened the deliverables and the overall relationship. Their dedication made a strong impact. Having their solutions for automation means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and getting up to speed quickly in that way was a huge bonus for us.
  • David Brickhill, Famous Industries

    David Brickhill

    Ex-VP Engineering, Famous Industries
    When you scale up quickly and get a lot of people all at once, not everyone is going to be a fit. Solvd Inc has been outstanding at swapping out team members if they don’t meet our needs. I’ve worked with many external engineering and QA providers for several decades, and inconsistent skill level is typical. Solvd Inc offers a high level of consistency, which means they must have a thorough vetting process.
  • Michael Lee, Ex-CEO MyFitnessPal

    Michael Lee

    Ex-CEO, MyFitnessPal
    The speed of development accelerated, thanks to the automation Solvd Inc put in place. The release schedule exceeded expectations, and the relationship was bolstered by Solvd Inc’s flexibility, responsiveness, and strong skillset. Together, we did manual testing, and they added a lot of automation over time. That work dramatically changed our development process and gave us the ability to test faster.

Why Solvd?

  • Flexibility

    Agile methodologies and best practices of software development that meet your business needs and requirements

  • Maximum ROI

    Cost optimization approaches, CI/CD processes and automation tools for maximum ROI of your software development or QA project

  • Predictable Costs

    Straight and transparent communication with customers and clear KPIs that guarantee predictable project costs

  • Experts for Your Project

    Certified professionals who have worked with startups and all the way up to Fortune 500 companies

  • Full-Scale Test Coverage

    Test life cycle procedures that include all necessary types of testing

  • Faster Time to Market

    Automation of the most time-consuming and critical operations, which results in faster delivery and release to the market

  • You Get What You Need

    Development of solutions according to your requirements and deadlines – no delays

  • Reputable Employer

    Extensive talent pool: right personnel for your project in a timely manner, with an efficient cost to competence ratio

Our QA Process

Requirements Analysis

Avoid expensive bug fixing and product reworking in the future. Solvd engineers ensure that the requirements are clear, complete, traceable and testable.

Test Planning and Designing

We develop a strategy, budget, schedule, resources and reporting procedures. With a clear scope of work and requirements, our QA team starts to design test cases and checklists.

Test Execution

Starting at the API and UI levels, our QA engineers add each bug to a defect-tracking system. Being in sync with the development process allows us to start fixing bugs as soon as possible.

Process Optimization

Modern tools and testing scripts help to optimize QA processes. Thanks to the automation of repetitive tasks, we can focus our time on strategic product initiatives.


We provide a complete test report after each development iteration. Regular reports allow you to control the product quality and release schedule.

Release Stage and Post-Production Support

Once your product is released, we check with actual users and issues at the production level. We strive to satisfy our clients, providing the best-quality features for our solutions.

What Might Happen If You Ignore QA

What might go wrong if you decide to ignore or underinvest on QA services? See for yourself.

  • Millions in Losses

    At the beginning of 2022, experienced a data breach that led to the loss of around $30 million from 483 unique accounts. It was caused by problems related to flaws in the software’s security.

  • Near-Collapse Business

    In 2012, one of the largest financial services companies in the world, Knights Capital Group, lost $440 million in 30 minutes due to an error in newly installed software. It wiped out 75% of Knight’s market capitalization, which almost killed it.

  • Half a Thousand Flights Canceled

    In 2008 due to the buggy software installed for the opening of Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5, more than 500 flights were canceled, and more than 42,000 bags were lost. This mistake cost more than £16 million.

  • Serious Data Breach

    In the spring of 2022, Cash App experienced a data breach due to problems with the security of the software. Consequently, the personal and financial information of 8.2 million users was stolen.

To avoid failure, allocate atleast 25% of total development costs to QA. Solvd ensures that similar stories will never happen to you and bugs will not reach your customers.

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