Software Quality Assurance Services

Software Quality Assurance Services

Founded as a QA company, Solvd comprises experienced professionals and advanced in-house testing infrastructure.

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Quality Assurance

Testing is like insurance. Before you get into trouble, you see it as another expense.
Then an accident happens and you are happy to have implemented the proper QA process.

  • Requirements Analysis

    Avoid expensive bug fixing and product reworking in the future. Solvd engineers make sure the requirements are clear, consistent, complete, traceable, and testable. It helps to prevent possible software defects and ease upcoming test design activities.

  • Test Planning & Designing

    We develop a strategy, budget, schedule, resources, and reporting procedures. With a clear scope of work and requirements, our QA team starts to design test cases and checklists.

  • Test Execution

    Starting at the API and UI levels, our QA engineers add information on each bug to a defect tracking system. Being in sync with the development process allows us to start fixing bugs as soon as possible.

  • Reporting

    We provide a complete test report after each development iteration. Regular reports allow you to be in control of the product quality and release schedule.

  • Release Stage & Post Production Support

    Once your product releases, we check with real users and issues at the production level. We strive to bring customer satisfaction and high-quality features to your product.

  • Process Optimization

    QA is an iterative process that allows optimization. Modern tools and testing scripts help automate implementation and reporting. By automating repetitive tasks, we can focus our time on strategic product initiatives.

Test Automation

The majority of test scenarios use automation to reduce costs and speed up the QA cycle. This accelerates releases while increasing testing coverage and finding more defects before production.

In cases of high user loads and performance, test automation may be the only viable solution.

Solvd uses test domains to develop proprietary tools such as Zebrunner and MCloud.

These and other in-house tools improve customer service and testing results .

Tools we mastered

Cooperation advantages

Dedicated team
Dedicated team

From years of experience, Solvd has gained a unique knowledge base for building a QA department from scratch. Our dedicated team of domain-qualified engineers takes full responsibility for setting up a full cycle of QA process. While you focus on product development Solvd makes sure your customers get top-notch quality.

Team extension
Team extension

Depending on the needs of the company or project we can seamlessly integrate into your team and close the gaps or foster the existing QA process at any stage. Solvd consultants can provide an independent audit and suggest ways of cost-optimization and improvements in the actual testing pipeline.

Predictable costs
Predictable costs

We are meticulous about cooperation conditions and highly evaluate transparency at every step we take. Our key value is to keep straight and ongoing communication with our clients. This attitude helps to define a coherent and predictable budget to be allocated for Quality Assurance.

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What our clients say about us

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  • Ilay Avni, Everysight

    Ilay Avni

    Ex-Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Everysight
    Prioritizing QA to iron out bugs, their consistent ability to creatively solve complex problems strengthened the deliverables and the overall relationship. Their dedication made a strong impact. Having their solutions for automation means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and getting up to speed quickly in that way was a huge bonus for us.
  • David Brickhill, Famous Industries

    David Brickhill

    Ex-VP Engineering, Famous Industries
    When you scale up quickly and get a lot of people all at once, not everyone is going to be a fit. Solvd Inc has been outstanding at swapping out team members if they don’t meet our needs. I’ve worked with many external engineering and QA providers for several decades, and inconsistent skill level is typical. Solvd Inc offers a high level of consistency, which means they must have a thorough vetting process.
  • Michael Lee, Ex-CEO MyFitnessPal

    Michael Lee

    Ex-CEO, MyFitnessPal
    The speed of development accelerated, thanks to the automation Solvd Inc put in place. The release schedule exceeded expectations, and the relationship was bolstered by Solvd Inc’s flexibility, responsiveness, and strong skillset. Together, we did manual testing, and they added a lot of automation over time. That work dramatically changed our development process and gave us the ability to test faster.

Our clients

Business domains of our expertise

  • Fintech
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Sport / Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Logistics
  • IoT

Solvd’s QA consultants will detect issues and fix current bottlenecks so you can enjoy smooth QA processes on your project.

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