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How We Developed the MVP of the Personal Productivity Application BillionMinds That Helps Achieve Work-life Balance

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BillionMinds is a personal productivity and soft skills development app. Seamlessly merging the art of interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership, BillionMinds provides a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing people’s social acumen and fostering meaningful connections. Moreover, this platform extends beyond skills development, catering to users’ overall well-being by equipping them with invaluable strategies to manage productivity effectively and steer clear of the dreaded burnout syndrome.

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Feedback from BillionMinds

We are more than satisfied with the collaboration and partnership with Solvd and MVP development services that they have provided. They have done their best to bring our project to reality with maximum effectiveness and with minimum problems. Their team is professional, organized, proactive and responsible. They work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

BillionMinds Productivity App Case

Our Client’s Goal and Сhallenges:

BillionMinds needed an app to improve users’ productivity and help them set daily goals and end with accomplishments. Work smarter, not harder – that was the motto for a new business endeavor. 
Solvd’s team needed to jump-start the MVP development and, just five months later, present a working prototype packed with special features. 

  • Design for Extensibility and Scalability
    The client planned to add new features in the future and asked us to build software scalable enough for implementing changes later.
  • Complex Business Logic and Great User Experience
    The business logic of the app was quite complicated, and we needed to implement everything the planned way and keep the app speed high and achieve user experience excellency. 
  • Top Database Performance
    The client stressed to us the importance of high query performance with many depth levels.
  • Quick Start and Test for New Features
    We had to have a quick start, to test app features fast and adapt them as per the transformation strategy of the project.


Looking ahead, Our team managed to handle all the tasks and deliver a high-quality MVP of the personal productivity software.


1.5 years (5 months for MVP)


6 people

BillionMinds App Case

Our Solutions:

While creating the MVP of the productivity app for the client, we successfully resolved technical complications with app design and logic, databases, and the development of new features.

  • We integrated the system with AWS cloud computing services and used Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker to manage infrastructure and handle container orchestration.
  • We used an infrastructure-as-code approach that automates all aspects of system management, deployment, monitoring and scaling. That allowed us to implement additional modules into the system and product without much effort.
  • GraphQL and React technologies gave us a good application state and request processing performance foundation. These tools made it easy to inspect and optimize the application’s performance.
  • We used the Neo4j database, which allowed us to return data with many relationships. Graph database Neo4j stores nodes and relationships replacing tables, thus allowing for high performance during complex queries.
  • React and Node.JS helped us get the project off the ground quickly. We combined a proper decomposition of the domain model and GraphQL technology, which allowed us to easily modify the data at the cost of minor changes to the front end and back end. That made a rapid modification of features possible and helped us choose the right direction in implementing the product.
  • The K8s cluster enabled us to quickly scale up and down as needed, and track application state and performance. Additionally, since we were hosted on EKS, we were able to easily integrate with numerous AWS services using the AWS backbone. We used Flux for CI/CD, which helped us automate, track, and monitor deployments, as well as keep K8s deployments in sync with our git repo.

At present, we continue working on the full-scale version of a work-life optimization platform, and we multiply new features and functionalities.

Personnel involved
  • 4 Software Engineers
  • Project Manager
  • QA Specialist

Technologies and Tools



Results: MVP of Productivity Application Is Up and Running

In five months, we developed the MVP of the personal productivity software that included:

  • Kanban board with visual goals decomposition
  • 78 learning videos on how to be more effective
  • Shared spaces where a team or family members can work simultaneously (create outcomes and decompose them to action points)

More useful features are coming.

Business Outcomes of the Successful MVP Release:

  • After the launch of the MVP version in January 2022, the client raised capital for further product development.
  • Hundreds of people downloaded the app on Google Play and Apple Play Store.
  • The MVP of the personal productivity app has already received good feedback from users in the fields of Marketing, Healthcare and Technology. The app is exceptionally relevant for specialists from junior to CEO roles – and that is just the beginning.

With BillionMinds, users may hit their maximum personal and professional development. The app might replace productivity books, motivational speeches and mindset classes and save time while being more effective.

It is a true pleasure to work with BillionMinds. Their productivity app is revolutionary in its segment. We are happy to contribute to developing such a useful solution that makes a positive and visible difference in people’s work-life balance.

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