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How Solvd developed the nutrition app to empower nutritionists and automate their daily routines

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Nutrigraph is an ambitious start-up company whose main mission is to help nutritionists simplify their daily routines by having easy and secure access to data. The solution they desired should include high levels of automation and easy-to-use tools for ration optimization. The application’s automation and tools contribute considerably to making Nutrigraph’s nutritionists jobs more efficient and productive.

Balanced nutrition

Our Client’s Goals

As a community of nutrition experts, Nutrigraph’s team lacked internal Software Engineering domain expertise, so they sought out a technology partner to build the nutrition app solution for them. Nutrigraph wanted Solvd to build a complete solution from the ground up, including product management, design, and development services.

Application interfaces

Challenges and Solutions

  • Access to relevant data.
    It’s not obvious, but dairy products, as well as many other food categories have product compositions that can vary from country to country. (Incl. macronutrients and micronutrients). Having a clean and robust database of products with regional specifics is a common problem for all solutions that are oriented mostly at the USA market. Our team processed a lot of data, including public and private databases, as well as local books (involving OCR). As a result, we came up with a database that’s suitable for client needs outside of the USA.

  • Automated ration generation that’s based on the input data.
    One of the most time-consuming tasks for a nutritionist is building a diet that includes all of the determinant factors. Examples of these factors include diseases, such as diabetes or hyperuricemia, allergia, food intolerance, eating habits, and food preferences. With all of the limitations specified, the final ration should fulfill a specific goal such as fixing a nutrient imbalance, weight gain or weight loss, disease remission, etc. This involved building mathematical models of non-linear optimization, coding the solution logic and testing the system’s inputs vs. outputs extensively.


1 Year


5 Team Members

Technologies Used



  • Solvd developed a fully functional MVP solution for Nutrigraph’s nutrition app after only two months of engagement. It was pitched to investors and it was approved by Nutrigraph for further scope development.
  • At the moment, the solution has successfully passed an external beta test and it is currently headed towards community launch.

Feedback from our Client:

“Solvd’s team is highly professional and flexible with extending their knowledge beyond the known. I’m grateful for the investment they made to dive deep into the subject and math around - this all helped to build something spectacular for my business.”

Alesya Prishchepova

CEO at Nutrigraph

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