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How Solvd created a fintech UI/UX design for NerdWallet’s website and app

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NerdWallet is a prominent financial technology company that has firmly established itself as a trusted resource in the industry.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative algorithms, NerdWallet offers intuitive digital tools that help make complex financial matters easier to understand and navigate. NerdWallet continues to shape the future of personal finance by delivering valuable insights and empowering users to take control of their financial well-being.

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Marina Ryzhikova
Nerdwallet UI

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Our Client’s Goal

The goal of the UI/UX project was to completely redesign NerdWallet’s website and  app with a more visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

NerdWallet wanted to optimize usability, engagement, and conversion rates by carefully considering their user’s needs, having intuitive navigation, and cohesive design elements. Our client wished their redesigned website and app to reflect their brand’s identity while delivering an exceptional and memorable online experience for visitors.


2023 - Present


3 UI/UX Designers

Challenges and Solutions

  • Design Complexity
    The task of redesigning almost all of the elements, including iconography and the information display was very complicated. Besides, managing and coordinating various design changes while maintaining consistency was challenging. To deal with this problem, together with NerdWallet’s team, we established a design system and guidelines to maintain consistency and manage the complexity. Our experts used design tools and collaboration platforms that facilitate effective communication while also ensuring that all of the design elements stay aligned with the established system.

  • The Existing UI/UX Design Had Low Engagement and Conversion Levels
    To deal with this challenge and to understand the pain points and motivations of their target audience, our designers conducted comprehensive user research and analysis. Together, Solvd and NerdWallet’s teams analyzed user behavior, feedback, and metrics in order to identify specific areas where the current UI/UX design failed to engage and convert users effectively. Solvd’s designers also reviewed the existing user flows and identified bottlenecks and areas of confusion that might have been hindering engagement and conversion. We used the metrics listed below to check the quality of our design performance:

Nerdwallet user interface
  • User engagement metrics
    Including how many unique sessions we had, how many users scrolled until the selected block, and how many users interacted with each element of this block

  • Revenue metrics
    Including monetizable click rates

  • Funnel metrics
    Including how many users dropped off at each step and how many users completed the flow

Technologies and Tools

Google Analytics
fintech UI examples


Together with NerdWallet’s team, Solvd’s experts:

  • Developed the Design of the New Features
    We  built the design of the car-buying journey calculator completely and we also created new banner widgets for NerdWallet’s cross-selling partners.
  • Improved User Experience
    The redesigned native mobile app offers a significantly improved user experience compared to the previous design. Our modern and more user-friendly interface enhances usability, which makes it easier and more enjoyable for users to navigate and interact with the app.
  • Built a Consistent Design
    The new design eliminated the inconsistencies that were present in the old design. The app now presents a cohesive and harmonious visual experience because of our redesign of almost all of the elements, the iconography and the information display.
  • Reduced Overload
    The overload issues that plagued the previous design have been addressed and eliminated in the new design. Because of our careful consideration of the amount of information that gets displayed, the app now presents a more streamlined and manageable interface.
  • Used a Mobile-Centric Approach
    The redesign takes into account the peculiarities of mobile interaction, ensuring that the app is optimized for mobile devices. The transferred blocks from the website have been adapted to suit the specific requirements of mobile platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Ensured Cross-Platform Consistency
    Some of the changes that we implemented in the native mobile app have been extended to the web interfaces. This ensures design and user interface consistency across unique platforms, providing a cohesive brand presence and a unified experience for users.

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with NerdWallet on their fintech UI/UX design project. Their active involvement, clear communication, and valuable insights greatly contributed to the success of the project. Their prompt feedback, willingness to iterate, and our shared vision allowed us to create a highly engaging and user-centric design. We look forward to future collaborations and continued success together.

Mikita Azarau
Mikita Azarau

Product Designer

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