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Tech Synergy: Supercharging NerdWallet with Financial Software Development Services

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NerdWallet is a popular personal finance platform that provides tools and resources that help individuals make informed financial decisions and navigate complex financial landscapes with utmost confidence.

The company was founded in 2009, and they offer a wide range of services, including credit card and mortgage comparison tools, budgeting calculators, and educational articles on various financial topics.

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Marina Ryzhikova

What NerdWallet Said

Our partnership has been marked by a high level of professionalism, technical expertise, and dedication to achieving shared objectives. Solvd’s exceptional proficiency in advanced technologies has greatly enhanced our data-driven capabilities, enabling us to extract valuable insights and optimize our operations.

Marina Ryzhikova

Vice President, Engineering Operations at NerdWallet

Financial software development

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Our Client’s Goal

The project aimed to enhance user experience through the development of innovative features, optimizing usability, and implementing user-centric improvements. By focusing on enhancing functionality, intuitive design, and seamless interactions, our goal was to create a highly engaging and user-friendly platform that exceeds expectations and elevates the overall experience of NerdWallet's users.


2020 - Present


37 Engineers

Nerdwallet software development

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1: Ensuring effective communication and collaboration between geographically distributed internal and NerdWallet teams

  • Conducted periodic joint meetings and progress reviews to ensure that both teams were on the same page while addressing any potential communication gaps
  • Established regular communication channels between the internal and NerdWallet teams in order to facilitate information sharing and alignment on project goals and objectives
  • Developed a comprehensive communication plan that includes clear guidelines for sharing project updates, deadlines, and expectations
  • Leveraged project management tools and collaboration platforms in order to centralize project-related information and documentation to ensure easy access to each and every team member
  • Fostered a culture of open and transparent communication by encouraging feedback and by addressing any communication issues swiftly

Challenge 2: Managing project timelines and ensuring project milestones get met

  • Contributed to creating a detailed project plan with clear milestones, deadlines, and dependencies
  • Supported regular monitoring of project progress by adjusting timelines on an as-needed basis while taking any unexpected challenges or changes into account
  • Helped foster a proactive and accountable work environment by empowering team members to take ownership of their tasks while communicating any potential delays and/or roadblocks in a timely manner

Challenge 3: Upgrading any existing deficiencies in tech to state-of-the-art technology

  • Flexibly adapted to new technology enabling the improvement on the engineering side and allowing our client to respond quicker when adaptations or problem fixing is needed
  • Worked with well-defined programming conventions and processes 
  • Used Google Analytics to measure user preferences

Technologies Used



Together with NerdWallet’s team, Solvd’s experts:

  • Developed a new retirement calculator
    Solvd collaborated with NerdWallet’s content and legal teams and developed a proprietary formula for their retirement calculator. This formula takes many key metrics into account which include: age, current income, retirement savings rate, inflation, salary growth, etc. NerdWallet’s retirement calculator empowers their end-users to make more informed and data-driven decisions concerning the financial side of their retirement.
  • Developed an auto loan calculator
    We built a powerful tool that takes all of the guesswork out of car financing by providing users with an instant estimate of their monthly payments and total loan cost. Our proprietary Auto Loan Calculator empowers users to make more informed decisions because of our meticulous consideration of vehicle price, interest rate, down payment, sales tax, fees, and more.
  • Improved user experience through customization and personalization
    Users reported higher satisfaction with our new personalized features and customizable settings. Our personalization capability upgrades increased both user engagement and their sense of ownership. The customization options we added empowered users to tailor their projects to their individual needs and preferences.
  • Enhanced project performance
    Our optimization techniques resulted in increased project speed and efficiency. The infrastructure enhancements we implemented improved the scalability and handling of heavier user loads. The critical bug fixes and testing that we made enhanced stability and reliability. We improved the CWV statistics by using the latest technologies that allowed Google to rank NerdWallet up to higher positions.

NerdWallet’s clear vision and Solvd’s comprehensive approach helped create a partnership that helped us conquer the challenges we faced effortlessly. From streamlined processes to clear and concise communication, our cooperation flowed smoothly like a river. We achieved remarkable results together, and Solvd greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with NerdWallet. We look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

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