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How Solvd implemented real-time cloud-based NetSuite ERP integration within a logistic company’s system

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Our client is a leading logistics company that excels in providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions. Their robust network spans across the globe and they ensure the seamless transportation of goods, from small parcels to large cargo shipments. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their state-of-the-art tracking technology, efficient warehousing facilities, and their dedicated team of logistics experts.

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Feedback from our Client:

Solvd consistently showcased keen attention to detail, ensuring that our project requirements were meticulously met. Their seamless collaboration and unwavering commitment ensured a smooth journey from start to finish.

Julia Davydova

Chief Program Management Officer


Our Client’s Goals:

  • Integrate their logistics system with NetSuite’s ERP system in order to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.
  • Establish a two-way integration between the logistics system and the NetSuite ERP system for seamless data synchronization.
  • Achieve real-time integration between the logistics system and NetSuite ERP system for enabling immediate access to accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Utilize the NetSuite ERP system for accounting functions to centralize financial management and ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Leverage the NetSuite ERP system for reporting purposes in order to generate comprehensive and customizable reports concerning logistics and any related data.

1 year (still in progress)


6 people

USKO Truck

Our Solutions:

  • Streamlined operations and improved efficiency through the integration of the logistics system with NetSuite ERP.
  • Seamless synchronization of data between the logistics system and the NetSuite ERP, ensuring consistency and eliminating data discrepancies.
  • Real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information from the logistics system within the NetSuite ERP system.
  • Centralized financial management by leveraging NetSuite ERP for accounting functions, enabling efficient tracking and analysis of financial data.
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities within the NetSuite ERP for generating reports on logistics-related data, facilitating informed decision-making and performance analysis.
  • Covering the application with e2e tests to improve quality and lower the time needed for release. Deploying tests on CI and integrating them with reporting tools, test case management tools, utilizing Jira and Slack for providing information to the team about the stability of the application.
On Solvd´s side
  • 2-3 Developers
  • 1 Solution Architect
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Automation

Technologies and Tools



  • Enhanced User Experience
    Because of our understanding of the client’s complex requirements and by identifying the edge cases, Solvd’s team provided tailored and more comprehensive solutions that met our client’s specific needs. These achievements resulted in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Robustness and Scalability
    Our proficiency in advanced technologies such as distributed cloud systems, high load non-blocking react systems, and ERP NetSuite resulted in the creation of robust, scalable, and efficient web development solutions.
  • Advanced Functionality and Usability
    We achieved this key milestone in the project because of the successful integration of all of the domain entities based on the specified requirements. Our team meticulously analyzed the specifics of the project and implemented a comprehensive integration strategy that ensured smooth communication and interaction between the various components of the system. By seamlessly integrating the different domain entities, we eliminated data silos, improved data consistency, and facilitated efficient workflows. This integration played a vital role in enhancing the overall functionality and usability of the web development services provided by the client.
  • Enhanced Project Efficiency and Successful Delivery
    The effective team formation strategy that was employed from the project’s inception resulted in improved project efficiency and successful delivery. Starting with a dedicated solution architect, the team laid down a solid foundation, which ensured a clear understanding of the project’s requirements and then translated them into actionable development plans. This expert guidance and oversight provided by the solution architect contributed to streamlined project execution. Assembling a skilled team with diverse expertise enabled exceptional results. The cohesive and collaborative nature of the team played a vital role in the project’s overall success.
  • Quality Assurance
    Test automation helped to ensure quality, which was very important for such a complex application. The Solvd QA automation team contributed to the minimization of the cost of the manual testing regimen and all the associated resources that could have been wasted on it. We managed to deliver an understanding of the quality of the system in an extremely short period of time.
  • Business Growth
    The project’s positive results and client satisfaction both serve  as testimonials for the client’s capabilities, which helps them attract new clients and provide new opportunities for expansion.

We greatly appreciated the open channels of dialogue that fostered seamless interactions, quick decision-making, and a shared vision. The client’s responsiveness, prompt feedback, and active involvement played a crucial role in ensuring that the development process was efficient.

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