How Solvd helped film marketplace website migrate to up-to-date technologies and develop unique features

How Solvd helped film marketplace website migrate to up-to-date technologies and develop unique features

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Company Profile

Slated is an online film packaging and financing marketplace that matches projects with talent, financing, and distribution. Since their launch in 2012, Slated’s community has grown to 65,000 producers, writers, directors, actors, investors, sales agents, and distributors. In 2022, 90% of Academy Award-nominated films and 62% of Sundance films were made by Slated members.
  • Website Migration
  • Website Development

Project Goals

The client wanted to simplify their application’s development process and enhance its current functionality, and make it more interactive. To reach this, Slated set the following business goals for Solvd’s team:
  • Provide Front-End migration from Django Templates to Angular 10
  • Perform API integrations and e-commerce functionalities
  • Create a messaging system and develop its architecture and analytics
  • Development of a role-based system for website users

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Ongoing since 2017

  • Effort

    2 software developers

Technologies Used

  • AngularJS

  • Angular10

  • Angular

  • NGRX

  • Firebase

  • RXJS

  • Litmus

How did we “Solved” this problem?

Solvd joined the project when Slated realized that they needed a digital transformation. We took the following actions to reach the goals they set for us:

We developed an integrated messaging system for users and projects in order to provide quick communication within the website. The client asked for a solution that wouldn’t be a strain on resources and that could be deployed quickly. Initially, the messaging system that was used was by Django and it worked as a mailing system. Users had to refresh a page so that they could see the inbox updates. After we looked at three possible solutions, we chose Firebase. We integrated our new solution into the existing website, and the messaging system went from being an archaic messaging system to a modern live chat system.
We eliminated the slow page loading time issues and problems caused by their existing outdated technologies and legacy code diversity (70% Django, 30% AngularJS).
We reworked all of the operating logic within the Django and Angular pages. We resolved conflicts inside these parts before the project was completely migrated to Angular10. After the migration was done, we planned and removed the requirement for having to do full refreshes while navigating between pages.

Detailed results

So far, we managed to achieve the following results for our client:

90% of website code rewritten from AngularJS and Django to Angular10

Integrated live chat for the registered users of the client’s website

results image
results image

Integration of third-party services and analytics

Code refactoring and the elimination of unused dependencies

Improved emailing procedures for every platform and device

Enabled the website to interact with external APIs while rendering fully compatible data

A quote from Slated

I’ve had the great privilege of working with Solvd for the past 4 years. Their team effectively blended with our internal team, aligning with our goals and priorities. Thanks to their consummate professionalism and expertise, front-end errors rarely happen in production. Solvd has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the project through hard work and the ability to coordinate with the client’s staff. They communicate regularly to ensure satisfaction. We’re so incredibly lucky to have worked with such an exceptional company."
CEO at Slated

A quote from Solvd’s team:

My experience of cooperation with Slated was very positive. From the initial discussions all the way through to the final product, it was an absolute pleasure to work with this company. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and creative vision of the film industry helped shape the success of the whole project. Overall, our collaboration was very productive. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the film industry looking for a talented, professional, and collaborative partner."
Front-End Software Developer

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