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How Solvd provided Manual QA Testing Services for Reddit

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What Client Said

Solvd's team truly stood out with unwavering commitment to quality assurance. They went above and beyond in manual testing, delivering essential test artifacts and taking charge of our weekly regression testing. Also they helped to prepare the detailed descriptions of test cases to be automated and coordinated efforts with automation team. A warm and constructive communication style made our collaboration a pleasure. Their meticulous attention to detail significantly enhanced our software's quality. Timely updates and comprehensive reports kept the flow of information seamless.

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Our Client’s Goals

The goal of this manual QA testing project is to thoroughly assess and validate the functionality, performance, and reliability of Reddit solutions through manual testing techniques. This includes identifying and documenting defects, ensuring that all features meet specified requirements, and validating the software’s usability from an end-user perspective.

The project aims to provide actionable feedback to the development team, enabling them to make necessary improvements and deliver a high-quality, error-free product that meets user expectations. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure the software’s readiness for deployment and to enhance its overall quality and user satisfaction.


May 2023 - ongoing


Manual QA specialist

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Challenges and Solutions

  • Managing the High Complexity of the Project
    Solvd performed regression testing on both core functionalities and community chats. We had to ensure that all previous functionalities were working as expected after each update. We also allocated time for exploratory testing to discover unforeseen issues and edge cases. This complemented scripted testing and helped to uncover issues that were not covered by predefined test cases.
  • Dealing with the Dynamic User Behavior
    Reddit's user activity is dynamic, with constantly changing patterns and trends. This makes it challenging to anticipate all possible user interactions and scenarios, leading to the possibility of overlooking critical test cases. To deal with this challenge, we implemented data-driven testing techniques. Within them, analytics data guides the creation of test scenarios. This ensures that testing efforts align with actual user behavior and usage patterns. We also adopted an agile testing approach to accommodate dynamic user behavior. It allows for quick adjustments and additions to test cases based on changing user trends.
  • Diverse Device and Platform Compatibility
    Testing the application’s performance, responsiveness and compatibility across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and browsers was complex. To address this challenge, we used device emulators and cloud-based testing platforms that can simulate various device configurations efficiently. This approach allows testing across a diverse range of environments without the need for physical devices.
  • Creating and Maintaining Comprehensive and Detailed Test Plans
    that cover various testing procedures and scenarios required continuous effort. Keeping these plans up to date as the application evolves was difficult. To deal with this challenge, we implemented version-controlled test plans. This allows for easy updates and collaboration among team members, ensuring that the plans are always current and relevant.

Technologies and Tools

Browser Stack


Detailed results

  • Improved Software Quality
    Manual QA testing helped to identify and rectify defects, glitches, and usability issues early in the development process. As a result, the software's quality enhanced, reducing the likelihood of critical errors in the final product.
  • Reduced Post-Release Costs
    Solvd reduced the need for costly post-release fixes and updates. This not only saved money but also minimized the potential for reputation damage due to widespread software problems. Reduced post-release costs contribute to improved profitability and resource allocation.
  • Faster Time-to-Market
    Solvd manual testing accelerated the development process by promptly identifying and resolving issues.

From the outset, the client demonstrated a clear vision of their testing requirements and objectives.

Their willingness to communicate openly and regularly has set a collaborative atmosphere throughout the project. This open channel of communication allowed for the swift exchange of ideas, feedback, and updates, which significantly enhanced the efficiency of our testing efforts.

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