CarOnFly Launches the First Ukrainian Taxi Dispatch App

CarOnFly Launches the First Ukrainian Taxi Dispatch App

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Mobile (iOS, Android)

Project Profile

CarOnFly is a software development company creating custom B2B products for taxi business in several regions. They needed a highly qualified team to handle the iOS, Android, and back-end development of an Uber-like taxi dispatch app. However, as of Q4 2014, Uber was only gaining its strength in the USA and the Ukrainian market could not offer any relevant service. Since the niche was unoccupied, delivering the app quickly became Solvd’s priority.

Project Goals

  • Develop an automatic dispatch system with range integration
  • Provide a fully customizable mobile frontend (native iOS / Android)
  • Provide a modular microservice backend with horizontal scaling
  • Deliver an admin tool with analytics and advanced service management
  • Develop a web frontend for the taxi dispatch operator
  • Implement the service according to industry-leading security standards (online payments, personally identifiable information, operational data)
  • Provide a full QA cycle

Business Needs

  • Become the first Ukrainian taxi dispatch application
  • Capture the taxi app market
  • Provide a base B2B solution for custom development

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    2 years, started in 2014 Q4

  • Effort

    8 people

Technologies Used

  • Native IOS

  • Native Android

  • Java, JMS

  • Angular JS

  • Active MQ

  • MySQL

  • Objective-c

  • MyBatis

  • PubNub

  • MongoDB

  • FreeMarket

Features Implemented

  • A single application for both passengers and drivers

  • Support for credit card processing and payment in cash

  • Scheduled pre-orders and plenty of service plans

  • Algorithms for on-the-fly calculation of a trip cost

  • Referral program and promotion codes

  • Drivers enabled to accept or decline incoming orders


The final outcome of our work is a platform, which is easy to scale to other business types — delivery service, cleaning, road aid, etc. This flexibility opened other markets for our client to enter. Due to well-established communication and engineering we managed to deliver the app in time that gave CarOnFly enough such time that gave CarOnFly the opportunity to tap into the competitor free market. With help of the Mixpanel analytics platform (later we added Google Analytics support) Solvd performed experimental design activities to figure out which features suited well for different market segments.


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