Solvd recognized as a Top QA Company in 2020

Solvd recognized as a Top QA Company in 2020
By , Head of HR

To provide an accurate rating, the SuperbCompanies team of analysts analyzed thousands of studios from all over the world. Provider accounts, websites, portfolios, and customer testimonials were thoroughly reviewed to help people make informed decisions and find the most reliable software testing company. After that comprehensive study SuperbCompanies ranked both medium and large companies.

It has to be noted that the assessment was made with respect to the number of tested projects, their quality and types, technologies, team that was engaged in the software testing process, and the reputation of customers.

SuperbCompanies's experts have come to the conclusion that today Solvd is a reliable partner capable of performing the benchmark QA service within a wide range of domains.

We are honored to be approved as one of the leading QA companies. Year after year, we sharpened the high standards of our services and are proud of how far dedication pushed us.

2020 was a tough year full of ups-and-downs, yet it has taught us a lot. Solvd became stronger than ever and our team is looking forward to new partnerships and challenges in the new year!

Elizaveta Zaytseva graduated from MSLU with a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Communication, and she's proficient in English and Italian. Elizaveta joined Solvd while she was still a student, and the company has helped define her career. She gains inspiration for work from the fine arts, meetings with amazing people and traveling.

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