Solvd + Neomic Acquisition Press Release

Solvd + Neomic Acquisition Press Release
By Elizaveta Zaytseva, HR Manager

Neomic and Solvd have been friends for a long time. Neomic is our proven partner for IT solutions, including full-cycle Data Analysis and custom applications. On July, 20th we've decided to join forces to build a more powerful team for enhancing our products for end-to-end test automation and creating new ones together. This acquisition gives us enormous opportunities for creating market-dominant business solutions and bringing more value to our customers. Neomic joins Solvd family and we are happy that we're becoming stronger, and it is gratifying," says Alex Khursevich, CEO, Solvd Inc.

Elizaveta Zaytseva HR Manager
Elizaveta Zaytseva
HR Manager
Elizaveta Zaytseva graduated from MSLU with a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Communication, and she's proficient in English and Italian. Elizaveta joined Solvd while she was still a student, and the company has helped define her career. She gains inspiration for work from the fine arts, meetings with amazing people and traveling.

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