Solvd is the highest-rated B2B Services Provider in Eastern Europe (Clutch)

Solvd is the highest-rated B2B Services Provider in Eastern Europe (Clutch)
By , Head of HR

A variety of companies of different industries (Design, Business Support, IT, Development, Marketing) took part in this report. On the basis of extensive market analysis and client reviews our company got a perfect 5-star rating from Clutch's customers.

Ukraine is becoming more engaged in B2B services among different leading international companies.

Ukrainian Tech Industry experience upsurge these days. We could observe a constant growth of the number of specialists (about 30, 000 employees per year) as well as the number of companies. The beneficial position of Ukraine, which provides it with a close cultural fit with European and Western market, gives the opportunity to work with renowned global companies and to understand their needs during communication throughout projects.

Ukranian IT services markets are thriving these days.

Since 2011, we assist growing mid-size tech companies with building high-demand products (MAU>1M) which are famous for their quality. Focusing on quality and establishing long-term relations we strive to become valuable partners for our clients. We are grateful that our efforts have been recognized.

Thanks to our clients for this support!

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Elizaveta Zaytseva graduated from MSLU with a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Communication, and she's proficient in English and Italian. Elizaveta joined Solvd while she was still a student, and the company has helped define her career. She gains inspiration for work from the fine arts, meetings with amazing people and traveling.

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