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By Ryan Allen, Сontent Writer at GoodFirms

Conducting complete quality assurance checks along with manual and automated testing is an integral part of mobile and web development processes. Another critical element that developers focus on is developing a minimal viable product or MVP. Companies looking to modernize their business processes and software tools must approach top technology consulting firms that help to digitize and automate tasks by integrating AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, etc. It enables them to provide their customers with a fast, seamless, and error-free experience.

Top IT research and rating agency and trusted B2B listing platform, GoodFirms has recently recognized Solvd, Inc.for its proficient and skilled services in software testing, placing it under the upcoming achievers, and awarding the company as the “Best Company to Work With.” Starting its journey in 2011, the company is operating from multiple locations, such as the US, Poland, Ukraine, and Argentina. 

The company offers a wide spectrum of top-rated services, including mobile app development, technology consulting, custom software development, technology advisory, digital transformation, managed IT services, etc. It specializes in software quality assurance & testing and developing minimal viable products in addition to DevOps. 

For 2023, Solvd, Inc. is named by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

If you are searching for the top firms for software testing  to build and test customized software that addresses the concerns of your target audiences effectively, then you can reach out to Solvd, Inc. The company has established its reputation as a leading global software engineering and technology consultancy firm, catering to a wide range of industry domains to create outstanding products and solutions. 

The company has also built an exclusive product aimed at solving complex problems. It is an advanced cloud-based testing platform that speeds up the quality assurance process, allowing testers to release high-quality apps and software quickly. For all these commendable achievements, GoodFirms has named Solvd, Inc. as the top contender, and recognized it as the “Best Company to Work With.”

Solvd, Inc. - Strengths & Vision

Solvd, Inc. is a leading global technology consultancy and software engineering company with over 700 engineers located across 8 countries in North America, South America, and Europe. Solvd, Inc. is headquartered in Roseville, CA (USA), and has development centers in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, and Ukraine and a sales office in Hungary. 

Solvd, Inc. services Fortune 500 clients across several high-growth industries which include Finance, FinTech, E-commerce, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Logistics, Transportation, Software, Healthcare & Wellness. 

Today the company became a global IT partner who is trusted to implement any task, regardless of its technical complexity, to exceed all clients expectations and create win-win values. 

Products and solutions created by Solvd, Inc. are trusted by brands of different scales and industries - from MyFitnessPal and Under Armor to NerdWallet (which has converted to 200+ million users from all over the world). 

Solvd, Inc. has built a core competency in software QA and test automation consulting and its solutions have broadened to include custom app development, DevOps, MVP development, and Digital transformation, among other solutions which the Company has launched to meet their client’s growing needs.

Our strategic goal is to become one of the world leaders in our service segments.  I clearly envision Solvd going forward as a powerful and growing player in the IT service market that provides end-to-end software development and QA solutions for tens and tens of Fortune 500 companies. Already today, as part of QA and testing unit, we are building a unique testing ecosystem that includes expertise and tools for working both with software products and physical world objects. Given our ambitions to grow by at least 30% annually, we expect to onboard approximately 10,000 employees by around the year 2030. And we made an important step in 2022 towards this goal, this is our strategic partnership with Siguler Guff, a global multi-strategy private markets investment firm with deep experience in digital product development.

The company got the opportunity to serve a diversified clientele during its operational period of 11 years. One of its successful projects includes building a full-stack DevOps application for a popular global social fitness application, aiming to optimize infrastructure costs and create a sustainable team from scratch. Solvd, Inc. has also worked for a fintech giant by building a quality assurance and test automation process and stabilizing all their operations to meet business needs. 

“Solvd, Inc. has built a core competency in software QA and test automation consulting and its solutions have broadened to include custom app development, DevOps, MVP development, and Digital transformation, among other solutions which the Company has launched to meet their client’s growing needs,” says the company. 

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Why is Solvd, Inc. the Best Company to Work With?

It has become paramount for all software and mobile app development companies to keep updating their technology stacks and implement innovative industry practices to have an edge in the competitive business landscape. Solvd, Inc. has in-depth expertise in both automated and manual testing and experience in DevOps proven toolchains to provide cost-effective solutions. 

GoodFirms believes that Solvd, Inc. has become a skilled global IT partner, trusted to implement any task, irrespective of its technical complexity with an aim to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver valuable solutions.

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Ryan Allen
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