Join Solvd at the AWS Summit in Israel

Join Solvd at the AWS Summit in Israel
By , Technical Copywriter

If you’re looking for an opportunity to talk with Solvd face-to-face, we have good news for you! On May 31, Solvd will participate in the AWS Summit 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel, where our business development representative Mickey Kazarian will be on hand to talk. The AWS Israel summit is a landmark event that brings together all the active and influential IT companies together to discuss innovations in cloud computing, groundbreaking trends, and insights shaping the future of the AWS ecosystem. 

Mark your calendar and join us at the AWS Summit 2023 to engage with like-minded professionals, discover cutting-edge technologies, and gain new knowledge!

Maximize the productivity, quality, and transparency of your DevOps and TestOps.

Have you ever faced the following issues?

  • Too many cases to test, and it’s taking too long to run them 

  • Your tests have the incorrect architecture 

  • Improper test descriptions

  • Parallel manual and automated testing that overlap and contradict each other 

  • Too much human, time, and budget resources are used without realizing the desired results

  • Bottlenecks in the testing phase that slow down the release

  • A lack of documentation and reports

When it comes to cloud-based systems the issues we listed above are quite widespread, and unfortunately it’s not a quick and easy process to get them alleviated. As we’re a part of AWS Summit 2023, we plan to unveil the concept that with well-structured TestOps, DevOps become more effective. And when these concepts are used in tandem, they assist with overcoming the challenges we just described above. 

The integration of the two helps companies bridge the gaps between the DevOps and TestOps processes, helps establish smooth communication and documentation, and it’s a big factor in the launching of a bug-free product.

Testing is not just about writing test cases; it’s all about using a system that determines which tests are needed, their purpose, and at what stage they’re needed. You can achieve the following results only with a correct and transparent testing strategy: 

  • Time savings between 50-60%

  • Fewer test failures 

  • Identifying bugs proactively and early

  • Bugs can be fixed at a lower cost 

  • Easy migration to AWS or other cloud-based systems 

  • Achieve a superior quality product 

  • Faster time-to-market 

  • No bottlenecks 

  • Transparent documentation with regular reporting 

  • A clear understanding of what’s happening at every stage of the CI/CD process

Based on our vast experience in a wide range of industries and the large number of clients we’ve already served, we feel confident in claiming that we’ve already dealt with 80% of all the potential issues and challenges that modern companies face. So please feel free to book a meeting with Mickey Kazarian, and share your challenges with him. We’ll do our best to develop a strategy to overcome your issues. Stay tuned, and we look forward to seeing you at the AWS Summit in Israel!

Gaydova Christina
Technical Copywriter
Christina Gaydova, Technical Copywriter, graduated from BSU with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese and Italian linguistics and culture. Since childhood, she has been fond of writing and literature. Believes in the power of words and their influence on people. She draws inspiration from incredible stories of people, books, music, and travel.

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