Solvd, Inc. has become an AWS Service Partner: A strategic move for growth and innovation

AWS partnership
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Solvd, Inc., a leading innovator in cloud-based solutions, has joined forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an official AWS Service Partner. This powerful alliance marks a pivotal moment for Solvd. It underscores their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional cloud experiences and it harnesses the unmatched capabilities of AWS partner solutions for propelling business growth.

What does this partnership mean for Solvd and its customers?

The AWS Service Partner Program recognizes Solvd’s expertise in designing, deploying, and managing cloud solutions on the AWS platform. This designation allows Solvd to leverage AWS’s resources and empower DevOps services to offer its customers a wider range of services, including:

  • Increased scalability and reliability. By leveraging AWS’s global infrastructure, Solvd can offer its customers a highly scalable and reliable cloud environment that can adapt to their specific needs and demands.
  • Enhanced security and compliance. AWS’s robust security framework ensures that Solvd’s customers are always protected against cyber threats. Additionally, Solvd’s adherence to AWS’s compliance standards ensures that customer data is always secure and compliant with industry regulations.
  • Access to innovative technologies. As an AWS Service Partner, Solvd has access to the latest AWS technologies and services before they are publicly available. This allows Solvd to stay ahead of the curve and offer its customers innovative cloud solutions that can help them achieve their business goals.
  • Expert support and guidance. Solvd’s team of certified AWS professionals provide customers with expert support and guidance throughout their cloud journey. From initial design and deployment to ongoing management and optimization, Solvd’s team remains committed to helping customers get the most out of their AWS investment.

Significance of the Certification for Solvd

Vadim Delendick
Vadim Delendik
CTO at Solvd

Solvd is incredibly proud to announce our partnership with AWS, which is a testament to our vision and technology. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team. We're immensely grateful for their efforts in enabling us to reach a wider audience and deliver exceptional value to our customers

Wrapping Up

Solvd’s partnership with AWS is more than just a union of two companies. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. By harnessing the possibilities provided by AWS Partner Solutions, Solvd will solidify its position as a leading force in the evolving cloud landscape. This partnership signals new possibilities for Solvd and its customers and it paves the way for a future driven by innovation, security, and success.

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Technical Copywriter
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