For people and about people, Solvd Priority rests on these two principles: Alexey Khursevich

By Ryan Allen, Сontent Writer at GoodFirms

Once a local startup, Solvd, Inc. is now a multi-million corporation with offices and R&D in 7 countries. The enterprise was founded by software engineers who grew into top managers. They transformed Solvd into a global corporation and gained ten years of IT business experience.

GoodFirms' experts got the opportunity to sit down and talk to the CEO of Solvd, Inc. - Alexey Khursevich himself, and explore how a local startup became successful in providing services to Fortune 500 clients across several high-growth industries.

Introducing Alexey Khursevich - the man behind the success of Solvd, Inc.

With more than 11 years of experience at Solvd, Inc., Alexey Khursevich is an experienced Quality Assurance Architect with a demonstrated history as CEO of Solvd,Inc. since 2018. He has a Master's Degree focused on web technologies, mechanics & mathematics from BSU.

Headquartered in Roseville, California, the United States of America, Solvd, Inc. is a global technology consultancy and software engineering company with over 600 engineers across eight countries in Latin America, North America, and Europe. The company has seven development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico and a sales office in Hungary.

How Solvd, Inc. distinguishes itself from the competition?

Solvd is for people and about people, so the management priority rests on two principles.

Solvd strives to understand the business of each client as its own. They are constantly searching for how every client can further improve their business with Solvd. Building long-term partnerships with customers is a top priority of Solvd management.

We choose quality instead of quantity. Niche, functionality, technology, reliability, and accuracy - I would use theses words to describe Solvd.

Besides that, the CEO further said they engage in their proprietary educational initiative called Solvd.Laba. Where the best tutors teach quality assurance, test automation, and JavaScript development in these courses. They share knowledge and train in skills applicable to real-life projects. 80% of students become Solvd’s employees after course graduation. 

Solvd, Inc. associated Service Sectors

When asked about what industries they serve, Mr. Khursevich, with a sense of delight, shared that they service Fortune 500 clients across several high-growth industries from almost all verticals, including fintech, retail, media and entertainment, software, and health and wellness sector across the globe.

The CEO positively affirms that products and solutions created by Solvd have won the trust of brands of different scales and industries – from Under Armor and Starbucks to Stanford Medical School and Nerdwallet. It has converted 200+ million visitors to customers from all over the world.

Now, Solvd has become a global reliable IT partner that is trusted to resolve different tasks, no matter their technical complexity, to exceed the expectations of our clients and create win-win values.

Solvd is highly recognized among its Fortune 500 client base for its core competency in Software QA and Test Automation Consulting. Their solutions have broadened to include Custom App Development, DevOps, AR/ VR Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, and MVP Development, among other solutions, the provision of which they have initiated to meet their client’s growing needs. Solvd has gained a reputation as one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies. Also, the company ranks as the Best Web Development Company on the GoodFirms ranking list and aims to rise high in terms of perfectly meeting their customers' demands.

Implementing Customer-Centric strategies

For each of their clients, Solvd provides highly experienced Client Success Managers. Those positions speak for themselves. They take care of all requests and needs of their clients, build robust communication channels and set up work infrastructure for efficient work and easy onboarding. Solvd's Client Success Managers adapt its clients working schedules and ensure they can cover all critical requests in a timely manner.

As for customer satisfaction, it merits mentioning why their clients value Solvd. First, they appreciate the competence of Solvd’s engineers, their high professionalism, productivity, and motivation to create good software. Second, our proactive and responsive project management and communication with clients is key. Lastly, our clients treat a team from Solvd as an integral part of their teams — we work caring about the product. So our partners and clients recognize Solvd as a reliable partner who can consistently meet deadlines and quality expectations.

The client reviews can be found below as an excellent example of how wonderful the team is and how they apply the right level of competence to fulfill the requirements specified by the customers.

Solvd's reviews
reviews for Solvd
Solvd review

Fueling the growth of Solvd, Inc.

Mr. CEO asserts that I clearly envision Solvd going forward as a powerful and growing player in the IT service market that provides end-to-end solutions for tens and tens of Fortune 500 companies. Given our ambitions to grow by at least 30% annually. He concludes this interview by affirming that Solvd, Inc. is expected to onboard approximately 10,000 employees by 2030. Solvd’s delivery network will be well-balanced and diverse, with offices all over the world, including hybrid offices in the USA, LATAM, Asia, and Europe. We will define business domains to focus on, and as always, we’ll make our best effort to provide the highest quality solutions to our clients.

This was an excerpt of the entire conversation; the detailed interview can be found on the company's GoodFirms profile page.

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Ryan Allen
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