Sergei Zagriychuk

Sergey Zagriychuk
Sergei Zagriychuk
Head of Java Competency Center

Sergei Zagriychuk is the Head of the Java Competency Center at Solvd. He is a seasoned software developer and automated testing expert who has over 10 years of professional experience. At Solvd, he specializes in setting up test automation from scratch on a variety of projects, helping to establish the company as an industry leader in test automation solutions.

Sergei is proficient in a range of programming tools and frameworks, including Carina, Selenium, Appium, API, TestNG, Docker, Slack, and Jenkins. His favorite project is Carina, which he helped develop from the ground up. 

Sergei believes Solvd’s greatest asset is the wide range of opportunities that the company provides to each of its employees' to help realize their full potential. Solvd fosters an environment that encourages growth and learning, providing its employees with access to the latest cutting-edge technology and support from seasoned professionals. This approach has allowed Sergei to continually expand his skillset and take on increasingly complex projects.

Beyond his work in software development, Sergei has a diverse range of interests. He enjoys traveling to new places, playing soccer, and watching classic movies. He’s also an avid video game player and he appreciates listening to music a lot. Sergei’s eclectic taste in music and movies keeps him entertained and engaged outside of the office, and he values the role that these hobbies play in helping him maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In short, Sergei Zagriychuk is a talented and driven software development and automated testing expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his career at Solvd. His passion for technology, his diverse interests, and his commitment to personal growth make him a valuable asset to the company. His dynamic personality helps keep those around him inspired.

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