Nadiya Lukavetska

Nadiya Lukavetska
Nadiya Lukavetska
Head of Partnerships

Nadiya Lukavetska is a talented and multifaceted professional with a passion for client relationships, innovation, and digitalization. She holds a Journalism degree from IFNUL and has honed her skills and expertise through her diverse professional background, which includes working in the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Belgium in Lviv, Ukraine. 

At Solvd, Nadiya has been involved in many different projects. Her skills in client relationships, innovation, and digitalization have been crucial in delivering value to our clients and providing them with innovative solutions that suit their unique needs. Her wide focus helps keep Solvd ahead of the competition.

Nadiya is highly regarded for her exceptional ability to listen to clients while putting their needs first. She’s earned the trust of many companies by helping them to innovate and digitalize the way they do business. 

Outside of work, Nadiya is an accomplished musician who enjoys playing the piano and singing. Her love for music is a reflection of her creativity and innovative mindset, which she applies to all aspects of her life. Nadiya believes that music has a unique way of connecting people and is an excellent way to express oneself. Her hobbies bring her joy and fulfillment, which she believes helps her to be more productive and focused while she’s at work.

To summarize, Nadiya Lukavetska possesses and demonstrates a wide range of skills. She’s a committed  professional who has a proven track record of assisting clients to succeed by helping them to take advantage of innovative and digital techniques. Her enthusiasm for developing and maintaining client relationships, along with her dedication to innovation and digitalization, is quite remarkable and valuable for  Solvd’s team.

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