Dzmitry Prymudrau

Dzmitry Prymudrau
Dzmitry Prymudrau
Head of Test Automation Innovations Department

Dzmitry Prymudrau is an accomplished engineer and technology expert, currently serving as the Head of the Test Automation Innovations Department at Solvd. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering from BNTU before being introduced to Solvd and Solvd.Laba (our in-house training center), where he applied to take our courses and he subsequently became a part of our team.

Dzmitry’s expertise in various technologies has been a critical part of Solvd’s success. He’s a proficient user of Java, Scala, Swift, Gatling, Appium, Selenium, Carina, XCUTest, and TestNG, among other technologies. He stays up-to-date with new developments and technological advancements on a continual basis, providing invaluable insights and innovative solutions to our team.

Dzmitry represents Solvd at international tech conferences, sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow technology enthusiasts worldwide. He also teaches students that are taking courses at Solvd.Laba. There, he imparts his wealth of knowledge and experience to the next generation of technology experts.

Dzmitry views Solvd’s engineering team as the company’s greatest asset. He values their passion for new technologies and challenges, which drive our team to continuously innovate while delivering top-quality solutions to clients.

Outside of work, Dzmitry enjoys boxing, radio electronics, and computer games. His hobbies demonstrate his love for both physical and mental challenges and his desire to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Summing up, Dzmitry Prymudrau is a highly skilled and experienced technology expert who’s made a significant contribution to Solvd’s success. His passion for new technologies, dedication to delivering top-quality solutions, and commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise make him a prominent figure in the technology industry.

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