Adobe Summit 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Customer Experience

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By , Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions

The curtains have closed on Adobe Summit 2024, but the buzz around its groundbreaking announcements is just starting. This year’s event wasn’t just about the latest software – it was a glimpse into the future of customer experience (CX). Get ready to dive into the hottest trends that stole the show: with AI taking center stage, automation streamlining workflows, and a surprising focus on sustainability. Let’s explore what these innovations mean for businesses and the future of CX through the four key lessons from the event!

Four Key Lessons from the Adobe Summit

adobe summit key lessons

Lesson 1: The Rise of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) wasn't just a buzzword at the recent Adobe Summit – it was the star of the show. Adobe made it crystal clear that they’re heavily invested in generative AI, particularly their “Firefly” suite of tools. This technology promises to transform how businesses create and personalize content for their customers.

Firefly uses AI to automate tedious tasks and generate creative assets. Imagine a brand that needs to make social media posts for different regions. With Firefly, they have the ability to create base content and then use AI to generate variations that are tailored to specific demographics or languages. This can save businesses significant time and resources while ensuring a consistent brand message across all channels.

The focus on generative AI reflects a broader industry trend. A recent survey found that 83% of marketing leaders believe AI will be crucial for success in the coming years. Firefly addresses this need by offering a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge.

But generative AI goes beyond content creation. Adobe showcased how it can be used to analyze customer data and personalize marketing campaigns. For example, AI can identify customer segments that have similar interests and then generate targeted ad copy and product recommendations. This level of personalization can have a significant impact on conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Adobe also announced “Custom Models”, which allows enterprises to train and fine-tune Firefly by using their own data. This ensures that any generated content adheres to specific brand guidelines and resonates with the target audience. This level of customization is crucial for businesses operating in highly competitive landscapes.

Anil Chakravarthy
Per Anil Chakravarthy
President - Digital Experience Business - Adobe

Generative AI enables a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and their customers, creating a transformative moment for business leaders to drive organizational productivity while delivering new digital experiences. The ability to personalize interactions at scale has become the key growth driver in customer experience management for enterprises around the world, and Adobe is leading the way in making this a reality with powerful generative AI deeply integrated into existing workflows.

Overall, the 2024 Adobe Summit painted a clear picture – AI is not a futuristic concept any longer. It’s the present and future of customer experience.

Lesson 2: Data is the Queen

While AI grabbed headlines with its futuristic capabilities, the summit reinforced a fundamental truth: powerful data insights are the fuel for exceptional customer experiences. Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) emerged as the key power for harnessing this valuable resource. It allows us to collect and unify data from various sources. This data fusion is crucial for building a comprehensive picture of customer behavior and preferences.

Imagine a customer browsing a travel website. AEC could integrate data from their past searches, social media interactions, and loyalty programs. This consolidated view empowers businesses to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. They can tailor website recommendations, suggest relevant travel packages, and offer targeted advertising – all based on the customer’s unique profile.

The summit wasn’t just about collecting data, it was more about how to utilize it effectively. Presentations highlighted the power of AI and machine learning within AEC. These technologies can analyze vast amounts of data to identify trends, predict customer behavior, and ultimately drive more informed decision-making.

For example, AEC can analyze customer interactions with a brand’s website and identify areas of improvement. Based on this data, businesses could redesign landing pages for better conversion and personalize the customer journey to reduce frustration.

The summit wasn’t just about technical solutions. Speakers emphasized the importance of a data-driven culture. Businesses need to empower their employees to leverage data insights and make data-backed decisions in order to optimize the customer experience. This shift in mindset aligns perfectly with recent studies. A McKinsey report found that companies with a strong data culture are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times more likely to retain them, and 19 times more likely to be profitable.

The visitors at the summit also discovered that the Adobe Experience Platform received a suite of powerful new features that are designed to streamline workflows, empower data-driven marketing, and navigate the evolving privacy landscape. This update introduced the following aspects:

  • Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant provides a simple conversational interface that can answer technical questions, automate tasks, simulate outcomes and generate audiences and journeys within applications such as Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics.
  • Federated Audience Composition provides data management flexibility and efficiency by allowing teams to federate audiences and data directly from enterprise data warehouses and data platforms (Amazon Web Services Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks, BigQuery and Snowflake) to augment real-time and cross-channel use cases in Adobe Experience Platform. This enables teams to minimize data copy, govern the use of sensitive data and get the most out of their existing IT investments. This federation process helps power customer experience workflows such as profile enrichment, audience segmentation and personalized communications.
  • Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration is a new clean room application for brands and publishers to collaborate in a privacy-safe way to discover, reach and measure their high-value audiences in a world without third-party cookies. Real-Time CDP Collaboration is expanding and evolving the value of a CDP to include data collaboration as a critical and necessary component of customer data management in a cookie-less world.

Adobe isn’t just selling a platform, they’re selling a philosophy. AEC positions itself as a central hub for data that empowers businesses to unlock their potential and deliver experiences that are worthy of a king – the modern customer.

Lesson 3: Automation for Efficiency

A recurring theme throughout the summit was the need to automate repetitive tasks. Attendees emphasized the burden that manual processes have on creative teams. Presentations showcased how leveraging automation can allow AEC creators to focus more on strategic initiatives by freeing up valuable time and resources.

Imagine a graphic designer who is manually resizing images for various marketing channels. AEC’s automation features can streamline this process by automatically resizing images to specific dimensions that are based on predefined rules. This not only saves time but it also ensures consistency across all platforms.

The summit delved deeper into intelligent automation powered by AI. Speakers discussed how AEC utilizes machine learning to automate tasks that were considered to have been too complex previously. For example, AI can automatically tag images with relevant keywords, which saves content creators from the tedious task of having to do manual tagging. This not only improves efficiency but it also enhances the discoverability of content within AEC.

Automation isn’t just about streamlining individual tasks, it’s about optimizing entire workflows. AEC offers pre-built workflows that automate multi-step processes. Imagine a social media campaign that requires image creation, post-scheduling, and performance tracking. AEC’s workflow automation can handle these these steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient campaign launch.

Adobe understands that automation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. AEC offers a flexible approach because it allows users to customize automation rules and workflows according to their specific needs. This ensures that automation complements the existing processes and it empowers (not replaces) users.

By prioritizing automation, the Adobe Summit 2024 positioned AEC as a central hub for streamlining workflows and maximizing productivity. This empowers creators to focus on their core strengths and deliver exceptional customer experiences – a win-win for businesses and their customers.

Lesson 4: Content and Customer Journey Tools Rule

Adobe Summit 2024 unveiled a wave of innovations which are designed to empower creators and streamline content production across the entire lifecycle.

Content Tools

  • Workflow and Planning. Adobe Workfront Planning will provide every user a unified view into all activities across the marketing lifecycle, which helps ensure organizations plan strategically and accelerate delivery.
  • Creation and Production: Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models unlock personalization at scale for enterprise content creation and production by eliminating manual tasks while ensuring generated outputs remain on-brand.
  • Asset Management. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets content hub allows teams to easily distribute brand-governed assets across their organization and external partners. Content hub forms a seamless connection point between GenStudio and AEM Assets. Any user can search for an asset and create personalized variations with the all-in-one content creation application- Firefly in Adobe Express.
  • Delivery and Activation. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites variant generation, powered by generative AI, enables brands to create personalized variations of marketing assets with copy that is audience-centric and on-brand. With Edge Delivery Services, brands can deliver the fastest possible page load times. Document-based authoring in AEM Sites also allows the broader team to author web pages in Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Customer Journey Tools

  • Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer unified experimentation uses enhanced statistical models to help marketers, product managers and developers leverage experimentation and decisioning capabilities within journeys. This drives the reuse of offers across communication channels and it optimizes the ideal path a customer should take to maximize conversion.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) provides enhanced brand-initiated journey orchestration by helping brands connect their audience-centric campaigns by using real-time customer signals. With AJO, the right customers are engaged and mistimed marketing communications can be avoided

Our Impression of the Adobe Summit

Venu Kanduri
Venu Kanduri
Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at Solvd

Overall, the Adobe Summit 2024 reinforced my confidence in Adobe as a strong partner in our CX journey. They’re not just focused on selling products but on providing the tools and resources to help businesses to thrive. Through a strategic partnership, Solvd and Adobe can unlock a new level of potential. Our expertise in software engineering and crafting digital experiences, coupled with Adobe’s cutting-edge digital tools, will empower businesses to create truly engaging customer journeys. This powerful synergy will not only leave a lasting impression but it will also cultivate a loyal customer base.

The Most Memorable Sessions at Adobe Summit 2024

From AI advancements to practical tactics, let’s dive into the sessions that created the most buzz and shape the future of customer experience.

Title Made by
Opening Keynote, where Adobe executives and customers from leading brands explore the future of generative AI and share the best innovations and technologies to tackle business challenges.

Mary Barra, CEO at General Motors


Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Pfizer


Chantanu Narayen, Chair and CEO at Adobe

and others

Inspiration Keynote, where leaders from the world’s top brands are transforming and modernizing their digital marketing experiences.

Ed Bastian, CEO at Delta Airlines

Emma Springham, CMO at TSB Bank  

Chris Marinak, Chief Operations and Strategy Officer at MLB

Chantanu Narayen, Chair and CEO at Adobe

and others

Navigating AI for Success, where insights into the transformative impact of AI on businesses are offered and useful recommendations on harnessing its power are shared. Nina Schick, Author and Entrepreneur 
Data Doomsday: A Checklist to Survive the Next Generation of Analytics, which offers a checklist to keep you on track through your data transformation and help you lead the pack into the next generation of analytics.Jacob Winter, Principal Lead for Adobe Customer Journey Analytics
Making the Leap with Generative AI to Scale Personalized Experiences, where you can discover how businesses are taking advantage of both metadata and profile attributes to achieve 1:1 personalization by leveraging Sensei GenAI capabilities. Ash King, Director of GenAI Consulting at Adobe
A B2B Digital Experience Designed to Change Everything, which shows how Volvo delivered a premium experience, moving from design to full digital launch in only 9 months. Will Bender, Digital Communications Manager at Volvo Trucks
Always Coca-Cola: An Iconic Brand’s Mission to Get to Know Its Customers, which shows how the company brings together two billion people with its brands digitally.Shekhar Gowda, Global Head of Marketing Technology at Coca-Cola Company Reimagined: Navigating the Transformation Horizon, which demonstrates how the company drives omnichannel digital demand using cutting-edge Adobe technologies.Chad Reese, VP of Marketing Operations at Cisco 

Wrapping Up

Adobe Summit 2024 proved to be a valuable experience for attendees that offered them a wealth of new knowledge and strategies for taking their digital endeavors to the next level.

Now, since you’re feeling energized and brimming with ideas, you might be wondering: How do I turn this inspiration into reality?

That’s where Solvd comes in. We are your one-stop shop for transforming those innovative ideas into tangible results. Our team of experts can help you:

  • Implement cutting-edge solutions. Leverage the power of Adobe’s newest offerings with our team’s deep understanding and implementation skills.
  • Craft personalized experiences. Design experiences that resonate with your audience by using the latest design principles and data-driven insights.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Continuously evolve your digital strategy with Solvd’s ongoing support and expertise.

Don’t let the momentum fade away. Contact Solvd today, and let’s turn your Adobe Summit inspiration into a thriving digital reality!

Venu Kanduri
Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions
Venu Kanduri is a digital transformation leader with 26+ years of industry experience driving growth for major brands. Proven ability to craft strategic roadmaps, implement digital solutions, and lead successful transformations. Skilled in collaborating with C-Suite and managing diverse teams globally. Strong technical background and experienced in Agile methodologies.

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