Test Automation

Test Automation

Optimize your testing costs by Automation. Let programs test programs: get speed, accuracy and platform coverage as high as you imagine.

Tests executed

Automated testing

Save budget by highly efficient cross-platform automation.

Our expert-level SDET’s are the core contributors of opensource automation framework Carina, which is a perfect all-in-one solution for all layers of automation (WEB / Mobile / API / DB). It is built on the basis of Appium, Selenium and TestNG and provides great cost-saving features. 70% of code is reused between Android and IOS platform automated tests.

Automated testing

Test Automation services we perform

  1. Rapid setup of testing infrastructure

  2. Unit / Integration / System white-box test

  3. Execute tests in multithreaded mode in the cloud of real mobile devices

  4. Using AI for automation of XBox apps

  5. Test development for blackbox UI and API layers

  6. Setup CI at WEB and Mobile environments

  7. Automate integrations with third party apps and wearable devices

Our toolset

  • Build great things at any scale
  • Write once, run anywhere
  • Accumulator of knowledge
  • SE
  • Java Solution for Efficient Automated Testing. Free Forever
  • Test NG
  • Selenium
  • Mobile App Automation Made Awesome

Top-level engineering expertise

Focus on a long-term partnership lets us get to the very core of the business and assist our clients to create market-dominant products. Our strategy is based on the care, providing exceptional quality in a cost-efficient way. Let us know what you are working on, and we guarantee to transform our excellence aspiration into your business value.