AI based chatbot for hotel management system

AI based chatbot for hotel management system

Situation preview

Let's Rally is a digital advertising agency with social, creative, media and development teams. Let’s Rally was looking for a qualified team able to create chatbot for Hotel Management System powered by artificial intelligence (AI). End solution should understand users’ intent and provide on-demand information in a natural way. End goal of the client was increase in number of bookings with reduced cost.

Solvd was selected from the number of vendors after technical assessment of our chatbot development team.


The resulting solution named HotelOps is able to:

  1. Create conversations on the fly

  2. Suggest best offer for a customer based on intent / behavior analysis and available data from social networks (profile data, comments style, images)

  3. Let HMS administrator interrupt or manage the bot dynamically

  4. Log all messages in database

  5. Provide real-time analytics

  6. Have deep integration with

    Have deep integration with


AI based chatbot for hotel management system

Implemented chatbot recognizes intents with high relevance rate.

For example:

We have a sentence: “Ok now I can not find a towel.” HotelOps will state that with 78% of probability user wants new towel and act accordingly.

AI based chatbot for hotel management system

HotelOps is so good at his job that many guests thought they were dealing with a real person, and praised him with glowing reviews on TripAdvisor.

Result in figures

  • 24x7

  • 20

  • 15%

  • 20%

  • 25%

  • 30%