5 Quality solutions for APPs’ market dominance

5 Quality solutions for APPs’ market dominance

Situation preview

Our client is number 6 in The World’s Most Innovative Companies rating. It delivers sports clothing, athletic shoes & accessories and digital products for fitness area. It was crucial for the company to find a reliable partner to build a sustainable Quality Assurance for all the client’s products.

Solvd was chosen to implement complete QA department solution: QA Process for short release iterations, scaling local team with manual testers, building Automated QA for Mobile, WEB, API and Connected Devices layers. As of current time, QA department contains 35 Solvd engineers helping client’s team to build the success of the apps every day.



Large user base (200M+) makes defects give too critical impact on the business

To cope with high level of risks we’ve built a custom QA process called Continuos QA, based on the industry best practices, CI methodology and development lifecycle specifics. This has already helped us to reduce average QA cost by 35% within given level of quality.

Regression tests amount is continuously growing with each release iteration

We’ve introduced Carina mobile test automation framework developed in our labs. Among the core benefits here is 80% of code reuse between IOS and Android automated test cases — which dramatically boosts automated tests development speed.

Huge time and budget costs to test hangar of mobile devices individually

We provided Mobile Testing Cloud, which lets the company run the cases 24/7 on 30 mobile devices in the multithreaded grid. This solution includes both software and hardware layers, providing full required infrastructure for automated tests execution.

Worldwide coverage with lots of languages (WEB– 15; Mobile – 20 languages)

We scaled the QA to full support of international locales. Started with manual acceptance we transformed it into fully automated testing sequence.

Software and hardware integration

The biggest challenge is testing client’s Connected devices: heart rate monitors, fitness armbands, smart shoes with step tracking, scales, HRM headphones. We analyzed repeating testing activities and built robots for that, excluding manual participation from regression tests of hardware and app-integrations.

Result in figures

  • 49,981

  • 84

  • 872

  • 35

  • 228,000

  • 79

Clients benefit

Solvd takes full responsibility for the final quality of all client’s apps: each release comes with our formal QA Sign off. All the tests are transparent and accounted in TestRail test management platform: client’s management knows what, how and when is tested. Thanks to Continuous QA approach and running CI we uncover all the issues early in the development stage, which dramatically reduces costs of fixing the defect.

Close co-operation with client’s developers has resulted in creation of virtual team — we work as a single unit participating in all the scrum activities, quickly reacting to the challenges and effectively achieving the quality goals.