Automated QA in accuracy/critical FinTech environment

Automated QA in accuracy/critical FinTech environment

Situation preview

Our client is the world’s largest online marketplace connecting investors and borrowers. This FinTech company operates at a lower cost compared to the traditional bank lending programs and passes the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates and to investors in the form of solid returns. Needless to say, such financial services have extra priority in stability, functional correctness and overall quality.

FinTech company was looking for a partner that could assure high stability and absence of failures in critical functionality. The project had to be accomplished within strict time schedule.

Solvd was chosen for its proven top-level expertise in QA.



Failure cost in FinTech is extremely high

We built an automated test layer over all application QA areas such as web/mobile front-end, API and DB validations. No manual QA effort used for calculation testing: only machines testing machines – this reduces risks of human errors.

Traditional automation instruments do not fit in that project due to its short time limits

We used our cross-platform test automation framework solution Carina, and basing on it our engineers created 20,000+ advanced testing scenarios automated for API / DB and UI test layers with yearly deadlines met.

High coverage costs of test scripts at multiple browsers and platforms

We setup full-featured Amazon EC2 test automaton infrastructure that could be started on demand, reducing automation expenses. We managed to extend coverage of test scripts at multiple browsers and platforms: IE 9+, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. Automation frameworks successfully also executes tests on mobile devices both Android and iOS. As a result we reduced costs twice as well as provided the 5 times increase of the coverage.

Huge amount of business units

We managed to setup full-featured integration in context of Jenkins CI, allowing to execute parameterized acceptance or regression suites periodically or on-demand.

Need for Automation team performance audit and reporting

We managed to develop fully-functional web reporting portal (Zafira) that consumes a lot of useful information during test execution and provides detailed statistics to management team.

Result in figures

  • 580,491

  • 12,844

  • 46

  • 29

  • 20

Continuous co-operation

We take full responsibility for the quality of the features we work on. We’ve reached release Acceptance-level coverage and continue test development for advanced scenarios. The client is able to run required sets of test cases whenever is needed. Along with CI we’ve setup solid process for automation maintenance so there are no bottlenecks in the runs.