Shared economy solutions for transport software company

Shared economy solutions for transport software company

Situation preview

CarOnFly software development company creates custom B2B products for taxi business in several regions. The team needed highly qualified software engineers, and was looking for appropriate vendors for IOS, Android and Backend development, along with QA Engineers and Software developers in Test.

Our previous experience with sharing economy application allowed us to win the tender.


With help of Mixpanel analytics platform we performed experimental design activities to figure out which features suite well for different market segments.


The resulting solution provided by our team consists of:

  1. Automatic dispatch system with range integration

  2. Fully customizable mobile frontend (native IOS / Android)

  3. Modular microservice backend with great scaling possibilities

  4. Admin tool with analytics and advance service management

  5. WEB frontend for taxi dispatch operator

The service has high security standards: it works with online payments, contains proprietary data and is sensitive to operation data accuracy.

Shared economy solutions for transport software company


The final outcome of our work is a platform, which is easy to scale to other business types — delivery service, cleaning, road aid, which opened other markets for our client to enter.