Securing for MyFitnessPal User Growth From 30 to 200 Million by Providing Finest QA Services

Securing for MyFitnessPal User Growth From 30 to 200 Million by Providing Finest QA Services

About project


iOS, Android, Web

Test automation for MyFitnessPal app

Company Profile

MyFitnessPal is the world’s most popular health and fitness app with an audience of more than 200 million users. The app helps to track calories, breakdown meal ingredients and log activities

Project Goals

  • Build app’s Test Automation infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain Automation Tests
  • Implement a proper QA process for short release iterations & fast release cycle

Business Needs

Set-up Quality Assurance and Test Automation processes

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Since 2012

  • Effort

    25 QA engineers (at its maximum)

Technologies Used

  • Selenium

  • Carina Framework

  • Appium

  • Jenkins

  • GoGridRouter

  • TestNG

  • QPSinfra

  • Docker

Challenges and Solutions

  • A large user base (200M+) requires special handling and care to maintain integrity

    To cope with a high level of risks we’ve built a custom QA process called Continuous QA, based on the industry best practices, CI methodology and development lifecycle specifics. This has already helped us to reduce average QA costs by 35% whilst maintaining quality levels

  • The number of regression tests required is continuously growing with each new update release

    We’ve introduced Carina, a mobile test automation framework, developed in our labs. Among the core benefits here is 80% of code reuse between IOS and Android automated test cases — which dramatically boosts the development speed of automated tests

  • Huge time and budget costs to test many different mobile devices individually

    We provided a Mobile testing cloud, which lets the company run the cases 24/7 on 30 mobile devices in the multithreaded grid. This solution includes both software and hardware layers, providing the full infrastructure required to execute the automated tests

  • Worldwide coverage with lots of languages (WEB – 15, Mobile – 20)

    We scaled the QA to full support of international locales. Starting with manual acceptance we transformed it into a fully automated testing sequence


Within a year the MyFitnessPal brand became an undeniable force in a fierce fitness app battleground. Since 2012 our team has been engaged in their projects and built a complete QA department from scratch. Solvd engineers were focused on implementing a proper QA process for short release iterations and a fast release cycle. We created an automated environment for Mobile, WEB, API testing and supported it with fully automated regression tests. Also, our manual testers scaled the local team, which positively affected the overall production performance.

results image

Manual QA & test layers coverage:

  • Functional logic of the mobile app and the web version

  • UI elements across various screen resolutions

  • Mobile-specific testing: interruptions, gestures, network loss, back button, etc.

  • Identification of crashes and major memory leaks

  • Application performance and responsiveness under various usage conditions

  • Localization and UI adjustments across 20 languages

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