Improving Performance and Load Testing Approaches for a Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Improving Performance and Load Testing Approaches for a Sports Equipment Manufacturer

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iOS, Android, Web

QA service for Under Armour

Company Profile

Under Armour, Inc. is a leading inventor, marketer, and distributor of innovative products that experienced engineers tailor to help athletes perform better. The brand owns a range of B2C web resources for marketing athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. Solvd became their complex QA service provider and built a performance and load testing framework to test-drive all their web resources.

Project Goals

  • Implement an in-house performance and load testing framework
  • Revisit a previous vendor’s reporting format installation and improve scalability
  • Set up a co-located and cloud load-testing infrastructure
  • Enable web-based reporting and a report export option
  • Create flexible testing capabilities to simulate different load testing scenarios and volumes of customer traffic
  • Introduce baseline and trend reporting to highlight improvements and failures
  • For managers, introduce summarized reporting with drill-down capability for engineering investigation
  • Make web performance testing possible during each release
  • Prepare e-commerce platforms for the end-of-year holiday period

Business Needs

  • Reduce costs and remove schedule restrictions imposed by a previous vendor
  • Make it possible to run performance and load testing when needed and on any projects

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Since 2020

  • Effort

    4 test automation engineers





  • OIS

  • SFCC

Technologies Used

  • Gatling

  • Scala

  • Mocha

  • Jenkins

  • Puppeteer

  • Lighthouse

  • Slack

  • JavaScript

Challenges and Solutions

  • Network session timeouts occurred during simulations of high volume customer traffic, like on Black Friday sales.

    Enhanced capacity of the traffic generating server to increase the maximum number of concurrent network sessions

  • Data presentation was different from what was stipulated in the previous vendor’s reports.

    Review and adopt the new reporting format.


High load testing run internally without relying on any 3rd party

Expanded performance and load testing to OIS, OCAPI, UACAPI, PWA-UK, and Ecomm Sites (US, UK, CA & JP)

Yearly budget savings and more savings as additional tests are run and additional sites added

Quarterly load testing made possible on nearly all projects

Weekly website performance monitoring

Tracking of low performance and assigning issues to the development team on time

Test-drive of web resources

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