How Solvd Supported the Fashion Rental Revolution in the UK

How Solvd Supported the Fashion Rental Revolution in the UK

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Company Profile

In Autumn 2019 we were approached with a request to develop a unique subscription platform for clothing rental. The UK-based startup “The Devout” intended to launch a monthly subscription service offering designer brands and vintage pieces. The task was concrete enough: we had to provide an end-to-end solution and come up with an MVP in six months. Once the team was formed, we immediately got to work.

Project Goals

  • Perform a business analysis
  • Design a visual appearance of the platform
  • Build both the backend and frontend
  • Conduct testing activities

Business Needs

Fill the fashion clothing rental niche in the UK

Project Details

  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    1 year (6 months for the MVP)

  • Effort

    7 people

Technologies Used

  • PHP

  • Laravel

  • Stripe SDK

  • Laravel Nova

  • Jenkins

  • Digital Ocean

  • Docker

  • ReactJS

Features Implemented

  • Engineers developed a scalable platform available for seamless implementation of new features, third-party app integrations, and order flow optimization

  • Prioritizing smart time-to- market, we used Laravel to deliver an easy-to-use admin panel for website and order management

  • Along with development, we also provided static content for the website including privacy policy and terms and conditions pages

  • Developed a user-friendly shopping cart, catalog, and private account system

  • Implemented recommendation logic and a coupon system for an enhanced user experience

  • Implemented Stripe for convenient and secured billing operations


The first MVP was ready without any delays at the exact date The Devout planned. Next, within another 6 months of sprints, we were adding new features and making the platform more and more stable. The client received a robust solution, which is a perfect balance of performance reliability and neat design.

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