Building an E-Commerce Platform and Online Store for Cycling Smart Glasses

Building an E-Commerce Platform and Online Store for Cycling Smart Glasses





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  • Company Profile

    Everysight is an E-commerce platform for presenting and selling smart glasses for cyclists in the USA and European market. Essentially, the product allows users to project data in front of their eyes, such as heartbeat or distance traveled.
  • Project Goals

    - Build an e-commerce platform and develop an online store
    - Integrate an interactive view allowing users to try products online
    - Create a demo tour presenting smart glasses functionality
    - Develop an event calendar with the possibility to apply for a trial tour
    - Provide integration with payment systems, social networks, Zendesk, and SAP
    - Develop WP plugins for dynamic tax and shipping fee rate calculation
  • Business Need

    Create a high-standard e-commerce platform and a corporate site for promoting and selling purposes.
  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    2 years

  • Effort

    6 software developers, 1 QA engineer, 1 PMК

Technologies Used

  • php-new
  • wordpress
  • native-js
    Native JS
  • jquery
  • ajax
  • gsap
  • canvas
  • gulp

Challenges and Solutions

  • Provide SAP integration

    To integrate SAP Solvd engineers chose WooCommerce for more convenient order management, stock, and shipping control. We added new actions and hooks to start generating a request and sending it to the SAP API

  • Arrange a dynamic tax rate and shipping fee calculation process

    After considering several possible options, our team decided to create a new plugin for calculating the cost of payment depending on the country. If a user is from the USA, dynamic calculation of taxes and shipping charges are now calculated by state. Later we implemented tools for report generation

  • Provide Braintree integration

    We added a new payment gateway for better payment management and routing of cash flows depending on the payment currency

  • Add multilingual support to the platform

    The task was to enable multilingual support including right-to-left languages. Now it works like this: the language is selected automatically depending on the geographic location of the user. Currency/SKU is set based on the selected language

  • Adjust camera rotations to simulate real-life photography

    While integrating an interactive view, Solvd engineers faced the need to perform a real-life simulation and decided to use a wide video for rotation. To calculate the part of a frame that needed to be cut, we operated with current rotation and window sizes


From the outset of working with Everysight, we set high expectations and the assurance of a swift completion which we delivered. Developing both front and backend parts of the platform we were always relying on our QA expertise. This helped us to deliver a solid e-commerce platform with a matching corporate website and satisfy the client with the results.

results image
results image

Our team provided top solutions and met the required deadlines, which positively affected our relations and became the basis for future cooperation.

Client’s feedback

  • Head of Sales, Marketing photo
    Ilay Avni
    Head of Sales, Marketing & Customer Success at Everysight

    The team was attentive, focused and driven to deliver high-quality products according to timelines. Prioritizing QA to iron out bugs, their consistent ability to creatively solve complex problems strengthened the deliverables and the overall relationship. Their dedication made a strong impact.

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