Assuring Quality with a Dedicated Team for a Fintech Giant

Assuring Quality with a Dedicated Team for a Fintech Giant




Web, Mobile

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  • Company Profile

    NerdWallet is a fintech company that assists customers with a variety of financial actions and decisions, such as: taking loans, returning debts, credit card selection and management, interest fees, financial planning, and savings. In 2016 they were included in the 50 Largest Greater Bay Area FinTech Companies.
  • Project Goals

    - Build QA department from scratch
    - Provide infrastructure for Test Automation needs
  • Business Need

    - Set-up Quality Assurance and Test Automation processes
    - Reduce manual team efforts by automating tests for web and mobile applications
    - Provide stability of existing functionality to meet all the business requirements
  • Engagement Model


  • Duration

    Ongoing since 2017

  • Effort

    24 engineers

Technologies Used

  • selenium-new
  • test-ng-new
  • appium-new
  • atera
  • plaid
  • charles
  • postman-new
  • yodlee
  • ansible
  • testrail-new
  • docker
  • selenoid
  • slack
  • jira

Challenges and Solutions

  • Meet special security requirements

    We used a separate Wi-Fi network with a white-list of IP addresses in order to meet special security requirements, which are a general practice for Fintech apps

  • Simulate behavior from a user perspective

    To accurately simulate the third-party interactions and changes connected with bank accounts, credit scores, cashback cards, Solvd engineers developed UTIL (a tool supporting JSONs, which allowed testing activities without affecting the production level)

  • Fast and continuous testing for the mobile app

    The decision was to build a private mobile cloud (Solvd’s MCloud solution) with real devices (9 iOS / 12 Android) specifically for the Nerdwallet project. Our engineers provided full support for that cloud, including the simultaneous support for both iOS 12 &13. We developed special scripts that were honed and tested out on the large projects to ensure everything was stable and functioned as intended

  • Provide exceptional performance of the app for iOS devices

    By applying multithreading and supporting regular test case updating, Solvd achieved the following everyday capacity:

    - Android / iOS - 720 deep links;

    - 1000 unique tests - Mobile;

    - 700 - DataProvider tests


We built an entirely new custom infrastructure from scratch and provided a skilled team for NerdWallet and met all of their tight deadlines. We cut costs by providing an optimal amount of dedicated devices with full private cloud support (compared with competitors our results were superior). 95% of test cases were automated, which had a positive effect on time and budget savings. Solvd engineers achieved 90% regression coverage. Collaborating with Nerdwallet was intense and as a result, we made a solid integration with their development team, which resulted in a very high test pass rate (approximately 98% for web and 90% for mobile).

results image
results image

Which resulted in the following ROI:

  • 95%

    Test cases were automated

  • 90%

    Regression coverage were achieved

  • 98% for web

    90% for mobile

    Test pass rate

Client’s feedback

  • Nerdwallet QA director photo
    Marina Ryzhikova
    QA director at Nerdwallet

    Solvd Inc is involved in all QA tasks that we do across the board. Their team brought in tools and information frameworks they had already established in order to manage similar systems. They are the main execution drivers on all of our regression testing and on all of our development projects as well.

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