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Zebrunner joins forces with Sauce Labs

Since April 12, 2021, the leading provider of continuous testing solutions Sauce Labs starts providing their users with an enhanced test automation reporting experience. Now customers have access to the features of the Zebrunner Reporting tool, which has been integrated with Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud as a result of their strategic technical partnership.
April 14, 2021
The engineering teams of both Zebunner, Inc. and Sauce Labs, Inc. have done a tremendous job to secure a smooth integration between Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud and the Zebrunner Reporting tool. By joint efforts, the platform is ready to provide even a greater value to the existing customers and as well as attracting new ones.

Alex Khursevich
CEO at Zebrunner ,Inc.
"Zebrunner team is excited to join forces with Sauce Labs, enabling customers to save time with automated reporting, track product quality with ready-made dashboards, and even customize them by adding a variety of widgets. That strategic partnership will allow Sauce Labs and Zebrunner to better respond to customer needs and collectively provide an even more innovative solution for testing".
Now, users are able to directly report their test results into the Zebrunner Reporting tool and quickly analyze them. Using this combo-solution, it is possible to detect failures quickly via rich artifacts (screenshots, video, logs), and classify them with smart AI-labels. All reporting dashboards are fully supported 24/7 and can be easily shared with other team members. Users can manage everything in one place: streamline automated testing with CI/CD tools, track bugs and link issues, access test cases directly with Test Case Management tools, get notified on test statuses via Slack and Microsoft Teams, and log in with SSO providers.
"Nearly 4 billion tests have been executed on the Sauce Labs platform. Those tests generate a daunting amount of data, which then must be analyzed, picked over, and teased apart in order to provide actionable insight. Our integration with Zebrunner enables customers to zero in on the most important signals coming from their tests, which will give them much higher confidence in their releases."

Marcus Merrell
Head of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, Inc.
As part of the technical partnership, Zebrunner and Sauce Labs will continue to work together to deliver enhanced integration, including supporting, developing, and testing new features and improvements to provide customers with a trustworthy combo-solution for test execution and test reporting.